Saturday, 30 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - Z is for.....

Good morning for the final time in this year's A-Z Challenge!

For the last day we have Z is for:

Enough said:
phrase - there is no need to say more, it is all understood

My chosen charts are about "enough" and include:

Be Kind by Pine Mountain Designs

Book Quote by

Enough Coffee by Dimensions

My personal Zs include:
zzzzzz - but doesn't everybody's? As you may know, I limit my sleep which gives more time for stitching! So when I do sleep, I really sleep!

And my finished Z piece is:

Sleepy Kitten by DMC

This was the first of the Sepia Kittens collection I stitched and is a companion for Big Eyes Kitty shown way back on my I post.

So, that would be it for the challenge, apart from I now need to reveal my fully stitched "Humerous Alphabet". I adjusted all of the letters from the original chart in some way or other so was left with a little gap in which I could add a reminder of why and when I stitched it:

Meaning the whole piece looks like this:

Humerous Alphabet (magazine chart)
Stitched on 16ct Cloud Lilac aida from 2 over 1
Stitch Count 240 wide by 120 high
Started - 18th February 2016
Finished - 18th April 2016
Total stitching time - 29 hours 55 minutes

I think I might move the L as there's a lot of spare space under and to the right of it. But I'm in no rush. As for what I'll do with the project, it's not what I would consider a delicate or important piece so I may make it into a small cushion to be used and abused.

So, that's it! Thank you all for staying with me during some fun times, some boring times and some weird times. Hopefully you have laughed (or groaned) at a few of the phrases, found some charts to add to your wishlists (or your stash piles) and enjoyed seeing lots of my older cross stitch projects..... or perhaps not!

Thank you too for your comments. Providing you are not a no-reply blogger you will get replies at some point. If you are a no-reply blogger I send you my thanks now.

As for the question, "would I do the A-Z Challenge again?" In all honesty, no, I don't think I would. I didn't go into this challenge naively as I knew I would lose a lot of followers for the month, simply because they are not the type of posts they wish to read. And I understand and accept that completely. But that aside it still feels as if it was a lot of time and effort with little personal reward - does that make sense? Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed putting together every single post, despite some being much harder than others (the last 6 especially) and  I was able to finally stitch a piece which has been on my to-do list for 20 years so it's not as if I'm going home completely empty handed. But, I suppose, in the words of James Bond, "Never say never."

I'll stop now and take advice from today's letter - 'nuff said!

Normal stitching and postings will now be resumed, starting with my Smalls SAL post tomorrow.

Rachel x


Justine said...

I've really enjoyed seeing many of your earlier finishes, and you've been a naughty stash enabler too! Your alphabet looks lovely and I like the way you have personalised it as a memento of April 2016. Now back to normal for you and let's see some of your Crazy January starts again!

Lynette said...

I just wanted to say well done for sticking with this right through the alphabet (don't think I could have done it!) and I really like the finished piece. I can only imagine how much time and afford it took to put these posts together - well done again. Bet you can't wait to get back to your 'normal' stitching!

Unknown said...
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Lynette said...

That should say effort not afford. I couldn't find any way of editing!

Brigitte said...

That phrase today is perfect for the A-Z challenge, lol. Enough said as the alphabet has come to an end. And you did it, yeah!! You have shown some interesting charts and made my wish list grow, lol. And it was so nice to see some of your older pieces. And not to forget, I learnt some new English words, lol.

Tiffstitch said...

Congrats on finishing! I love the sleepy kitten too.

Preeti said...

Congrats on completing the challenge!! You did it very well and I enjoyed your theme and outline of posts. Your alphabet finish is looking great !! :)

Heather said...

I enjoyed your posts congratulations! I think "nothin mor 2 Z" would have worked as well lol. Great job!

Linda said...

Your alphabet looks great Rachel. I really enjoyed reading your posts everyday and learning a little more about you. I also really loved seeing your old finishes.


HBF said...

Way to go! Whether or not you do it again, you can always say you've done it now :o) Congrats and thanks for the entertaining posts!

Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

Well done with sticking with the challenge Rachel and seeing it through!

craftingpaws said...

I love your alphabet, Rachel! I really enjoyed reading each post and getting to know more about you.
Congrats on finishing the challenge!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You really have Zed Enuff!! It's been a really fun month and I've enjoyed seeing some of your older finishes too.#
I debated on doing this but I think the monthly Alphabet Club suits me better.

Mii Stitch said...

Love the sleeping kitten you did!
Congrats on sticking & finishing off the AtoZ Challenge.
I honestly couldn't have done it and I know you have spent a lot of time preparing your posts. It was fun to read them all.

Unknown said...

I loved your a-z challenge and i can't tell you how awesome I think the finished piece looks. It's beautiful...'nuff Z

Cathy said...

Congratulations for finishing the challenge. I loved reading all your posts and learning a little more about you.