Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - J is for.....

Hello again!

For day 10 of the 2016 A-Z Challenge we have:

Jay Walker:
verb - to unlawfully or without regard for traffic walk along the street or in the road
noun - a person who does the above
origin - early 20th century from the amalgamation of the word 'jay' a silly person and 'walk'

I didn't even search for any jaywalker charts, instead just limited my search to the beautiful jay bird:

Blue Jay by Stoney Creek

Jay Fairy by Lena Lawson Needlearts

Stellar Jay by David Bartholet (HAED)

My personal Js are:
Jane - my middle name. It's the name my family have always and still know me by and which I used until I went to university, after which I began using Rachel instead (or as well). I like having two names and, surprisingly, no-one gets confused!!

I had to work at shoe-horning in a J project as (apart from January, June and July Lizzie Kate monthly stamps which I didn't want to show) I haven't done anything J related. So here is a dragon with some jewels which I know a lot of you liked when I stitched him last year:

My Treasure by Dragon Dreams Inc

He was one of my DSDUCJFC 2015 pieces and definitely one of my favourites. I enjoyed every stitch from start to finish, including the Kreinik and the rather stiff lurex fabric!

See you tomorrow with K.
Rachel x


Justine said...

Another great post Rachel, or should that be Jane?! Nice to see your dragon and his jewels again.

Mii Stitch said...

Never hear of a Jay Walker!! I tend to call this people with another unpleasant word :)

Preeti said...

Nice to meet you, Rachel Jane Tomkins:)
After marriage, I changed my maiden name as middle name and added my husband's surname as last name. It helps a lot to keep old name as it verifies all my educational certificates and degrees.

Katie said...

"J"ust a wonderful post. We love blue jays. We get them everyday. They like to eat peanuts and if our peanut feeder is empty they will squawk loudly and let us know.

#HeatherMakes said...

Oh I just love your dragon :D Great post too!! Jay walking ... its an odd term really when you think about it! lol or maybe I should just not think :P Looking forward to your post tomorrow :D

Linda said...

We have lots of Jay Walkers and Jays around here. Great post Rachel.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Jaywalking is not a term I'd heard of until I was an adult, it's not used in the UK much.
Great Dragon on his Jewels and lovely Jays too.

Unknown said...

Jaywalker - that would be me. I am so glad we don't get arrested for it here. This is a great one.

Unknown said...

I think people in the UK don't use the term because it's not illegal there. In the UK you can walk across roads on "no walk" lights without fear of fine/retribution from the police. It was one of the hardest things to adjust to when I lived over there (coming from Australia where it is illegal). :)

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Heather said...

Beautiful charts and shoehorn :)

Brigitte said...

Jay-walker - another new-to-me expression :)
I love these jay birds that you show here, and the monthly Stoney Creek bird series has been on my wish list for quite a while.
Nice shoe-horning with that lovely little dragon.

Tiffstitch said...

Great to hear the origin of jaywalker, I had no idea. I love your dragon!!