Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - D is for.....

Hello again!

So here we are at day 4 and the letter D:

verb - to become or make something warmer, especially food, so that it is no longer frozen

I couldn't find anything interesting about defrost, except that, with regards to freezers, it is becoming a less common occurrence as most freezers are now made frost-free. How interesting - not!!

It wasn't easy to find any charts about defrosting but I did find:

Too Hot by Aury TM

Going Going Gone by Idle Time Designs

Let's Be Frozen by Ursula Michael

My personal Ds are:
Dolphins - my favourite animal. I stroked some dolphins at Windsor Safari Park in 1991 but have no ambition to swim with them.
Dragons - I love cute dragons although don't collect ornaments etc and definitely haven't stroked any! We do, however, have 5 big dragons in our house made from Lego.
Dunking Digestives - a must with my hot chocolate. Sometimes I accidentally on purpose let them fall in, which intensely annoys hubby but is a habit I have passed on to my children!

And finally my finished project:

Dolphin Splash by True Colors
my third ever finish way back in 1994

This was stitched on 11 count because the fabric had a lovely sheen. I have the matching Orca Splash and some more of the fabric but honestly can't ever see me stitching on 11 count again. Never say never though!

Thank you for all of the positive comments you have been leaving so far. I have a couple of questions to answer:
1) no, I do not own the charts I am finding to accompany each letter or phrase; they are just suitable ones I have found on the internet.
2) the project I am stitching for this A-Z came out of a magazine back in 1994 and is called Humerous Alphabet. Each day I will only be revealing the relevant letter so if you want to see the whole piece you'll have to wait for the final Z post!

Tomorrow's E post is a bit more whacky.
Rachel x


Brigitte said...

I have also asked myself what kind of alphabet this was as I hadn't seen it before (which doesn't mean anything as there are lots of charts on the blogs I haven't seen before). Dolphin Splash is just gorgeous.
Dunking pieces of cake or cookies is also very common in my family, lol. And the family members I think of dunk their cookies or pieces of cake into tea, coffee, hot chocolate, what ever hot beverage the just drink, lol..

Mii Stitch said...

Ohmyyou'readunker!!! Yack!! :D
Dolphin Splash is beautiful, another fantastic finish.

Katie said...

What a "d"elicious post. Of course I love your Dolphin Splash since they are my fav animal too.

Faith... said...

I agree, defrost is kinda boring. Love your Dolphin Splash and hopefully one day you will persuade yourself to stitch on 11 count again and do the Orca! I am a dunker too and I like how you said "accidentally on purpose" as I say that a lot! LOL

Unknown said...

I think your A to Z Challenge is so creative. Sometimes it takes me a minute to get it - like C Saw - but I am often times a little slow. D Frost is just the greatest and I love your Too Hot - Wonder if I should add to my Wish List. And Dunking Digestives

Linda said...

Dolphin Splash is gorgeous Rachel. I do hope you do the other one.


HBF said...

"Let's Be Frozen" was my favorite piece today, nice array of themed pieces!

Tiffstitch said...

Great post and nice work on Dolphin splash! Your topic made me think of Warm Winter Wishes. http://www.123stitch.com/item/Waxing-Moon-Designs-Warm-Winter-Wishes-Cross-Stitch-Pattern/04-3288

craftingpaws said...

Love your update for the letter "D"!
I absolutely adore the patterns you chose and have added them to my growing listing of ones that I want.

Crafting Paws

#HeatherMakes said...

Great letter D! Can't wait for the whole picture at Z! :)

Stitching Noni said...

Defrost... love it! :o)
Dragons and dolphins... my favourite D's
Hugs xx

Justine said...

I love your dolphin stitch, it's beautiful. Were you stitching one with dolphins in underwater ruins? I like that one too.
Cute snowmen charts too! Apparently as a child I was traumatised by Frosty the Snowman on TV.

Preeti said...

Lovely Ds !! Your Dolphin stitching is very pretty:)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's so much fun looking for suitable charts for these letters! You are doing a great job.

Heather said...

Cool designs I love too hot :)