Thursday, 14 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - L is for.....


As I mention in my greeting above, L is for.....

exclamation - said to begin a telephone conversation or to express surprise, sarcasm or even anger
noun - to gain greetings in the way of hellos
verb - to say hello to somebody
origin - early 19th century from the word "holla" which was used to call attention to something

There are lots of hello-type charts available but I have chosen to show:

Hello Kitty Going for a Walk by Vervaco

Welcome House by Cinnamon cat

Adele by Kordek (Tilton Crafts)
(following on from her recent hit single Hello - get the connection?!)

My personal Ls include:
librarian - my job in both an infant and junior school. I love seeing children read - it's something most do not do enough in the age of computers and screen-related activities. Luckily, I've got two massive bookworms.
Lloyd Webber (as in Andrew) - I am a massive fan of ALW musicals, my favourite being the much under-rated Love Never Dies.

And my L chart is one by Lavender and Lace:

Angel of Autumn

This was a long-term stitch started before I became pregnant with my daughter and finished just before her second birthday. For your information there are 27,727 stitches. So sad that I counted them but this is the chart from which I first worked out my stitching rate.

By the way, some of you are crediting me for making up each day's phrase. I wish I could wallow in your praise but I'm afraid to say I'm simply copying a magazine chart! I doubt I'd be able to come up with these myself, especially considering the cleverness of some that have been and a few that are still to come!

A more challenging M tomorrow.
Rachel x


Brigitte said...

Hello to you today, Rachel. Nice charts that you found for today's word.
Librarian was one of my dream jobs when I was growing up because I have always loved reading and I thought it would be wonderful to be surrounded by books. Then I opted for a different job but when there was a vacancy in our local (small) library I decided to take over So I worked there voluntarily. This is also one of my words for the Alphabet Club.
So wonderful, your finished Lavender & Lace Angel.

Mii Stitch said...

Well, I got that one for sure :)
What a stunning finish, your Lavender & Lace is beautiful!!

Katie said...

"L"ovely post. I love your L&L piece. Beautiful!!

Linda said...

Took me a minute to get this one Rachel. Your angel is gorgeous.


Tiffstitch said...

tee hee, another punny one. Nice choices on chart, and your L&L is gorgeous! I'm guessing M is M-t (empty).

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

L.O.L.O.L.O. What's all this then? Like an old fashioned policeman!
I love Lavendar & Lace designs too but have never counted the stitches!

Justine said...

Wow - over 27000 stitches?! That's a large project. It's absolutely stunning.
I love the shoehorning of Adele into your post today.

Heather said...

Nice pieces. Am I the only one that saw this and thought Homer Simpson? Loh!

Preeti said...

Hello, Rachel:)
I love your lavender and lace finish !! That's one mega project !!