Thursday 25 September 2014

Star Trek TNG - 6/7 completed

Hello all!

Sorry for the absence again - nearly two weeks to do 3.25 hours of stitching- disgraceful!

But I have a fairly good excuse - I have been busy de-mossing, pressure washing and re-grouting our drive and patios. This has put strain on my hands, right elbow and back, which has made sitting and stitching very uncomfortable. Obviously I'm not used to manual labour!!! But it's all finished now and looks fantastic even if I do say so myself! It's very satisfying seeing the paving look like new.

Anyway, the discomfort has now gone so I was finally able to finish Dr. Crusher. Here are the latest progress pictures of The Next Generation crew:

 After 21.75 hours

If it wasn't for the ginger hair you probably wouldn't know who this was supposed to be, but I like her anyway!

I'm really excited as I've only got one more pixel person to stitch and then this will be my fourth (yes, fourth) finish of the year!! OK, they've all been fairly small projects, but a finish is a finish. Yippee!!

Last up is Troi. I'm going to change her outfit from the season 1 boring grey ensemble to her blue season 7 uniform to be in keeping with the other characters. Should look good.

Until next time... and a finish...

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x

Friday 12 September 2014

Star Trek TNG - 5/7 completed

Hello again everyone!

Well, the title of the post says it all really, so here are the progress pictures:

 After 18.5 hours

Next up is Dr. Crusher to the bottom right of Data.

Both children are away this weekend with their Scout Troop so I may be able to squeeze in a bit more stitching time - although that depends on what hubby finds me to do! No rest for the wicked, eh?? ;)

Also, I'm sorry if you're finding these little updates a bit boring, but bear with me - there's only two more characters to go and then I've got something much more exciting planned!

Be back soon...

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Star Trek TNG - 4/7 completed

Hello all!

Yes, that's another Star Trek crew member eventually completed. I say eventually because it's taken me 6 days to do 3.5 hours of stitching in basically half hour slots. That's BAD!

So here's La Forge and how the project is looking now:

 After 15 hours

Next up is Data to the bottom left of Picard.

Hopefully with the children now back at school and into their weekly routines I will be able to settle into my own stitching routine too.

Until next time then,

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Star Trek TNG - 3/7 completed

Hi all!

Wow! Three posts in three days - it's almost as if I've got nothing better to do!

I stayed up late last night to finish the third member of the crew. So here is Picard and the project so far:

 After 11.5 hours

The fun of stitching these characters continues so next up is La Forge to the bottom right of Riker.

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Tilton Crafts 40% off Labor Day Sale!

Good morning!

Just a very quick post to spread the word that Tilton Crafts are having a Labor Day 40% off sale ending midnight 2nd September. This is an amazing offer and is sure to tempt the stash-a-holics among you!

For those not familiar with Tilton Crafts, go and take a look. They do some gorgeous pieces but, like HAED, tend to be on the rather large size.

I was definitely tempted and purchased this:

In Her Room by Yuu
Stitch count 999 wide by 257 high

It's been on my limbo wish list for quite a while but I was waiting for an offer rather than paying the full price!!

Happy stashing (or drooling if you are more restrained!)

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x

Monday 1 September 2014

Star Trek TNG - 2/7 completed

Hello again!

Just a quick post to show an update on ST-TNG. I have completed Riker so here is how the project is looking now:

After 8 hours
(dirty splodge is on camera lens not fabric!)

Next up Picard to the top left of Worf.

See you soon!

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x