Thursday, 25 September 2014

Star Trek TNG - 6/7 completed

Hello all!

Sorry for the absence again - nearly two weeks to do 3.25 hours of stitching- disgraceful!

But I have a fairly good excuse - I have been busy de-mossing, pressure washing and re-grouting our drive and patios. This has put strain on my hands, right elbow and back, which has made sitting and stitching very uncomfortable. Obviously I'm not used to manual labour!!! But it's all finished now and looks fantastic even if I do say so myself! It's very satisfying seeing the paving look like new.

Anyway, the discomfort has now gone so I was finally able to finish Dr. Crusher. Here are the latest progress pictures of The Next Generation crew:

 After 21.75 hours

If it wasn't for the ginger hair you probably wouldn't know who this was supposed to be, but I like her anyway!

I'm really excited as I've only got one more pixel person to stitch and then this will be my fourth (yes, fourth) finish of the year!! OK, they've all been fairly small projects, but a finish is a finish. Yippee!!

Last up is Troi. I'm going to change her outfit from the season 1 boring grey ensemble to her blue season 7 uniform to be in keeping with the other characters. Should look good.

Until next time... and a finish...

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x


Emma/Itzy said...

Stitching looks great! 3.25 hours is still more than I've managed to do... :(

Pull the other thread said...

Looks great! Well done you for getting it done with all that house work as well. I think if I was doing all that I would just collapse at the end of the day!

Lulu said...

Looks great! You are almost done :). I think the design is missing my favorite character Wesley ;)

Linda said...

Looking good. I really like this design and the way you laid it out.