Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tilton Crafts 40% off Labor Day Sale!

Good morning!

Just a very quick post to spread the word that Tilton Crafts are having a Labor Day 40% off sale ending midnight 2nd September. This is an amazing offer and is sure to tempt the stash-a-holics among you!

For those not familiar with Tilton Crafts, go and take a look. They do some gorgeous pieces but, like HAED, tend to be on the rather large size.

I was definitely tempted and purchased this:

In Her Room by Yuu
Stitch count 999 wide by 257 high

It's been on my limbo wish list for quite a while but I was waiting for an offer rather than paying the full price!!

Happy stashing (or drooling if you are more restrained!)

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x


Anonymous said...

Thank you Rachel. I wouldn't dare take a peek though!
Your purchase is beautiful.

Linda said...

Beautiful chart Rachel.


Pull the other thread said...

Completely missed this sale which is good in a way I suppose. I don't have any Tilton Crafts charts yet but I must sit down and make up a WL. As if I need more charts!

Anonymous said...

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