Friday, 8 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - G is for.....

Good morning!

Well, it is, but with regards to my alphabet, G is for:

Gee up:
exclamation - to command a horse to go faster
verb - to command a horse to go faster or to encourage or rouse people to go faster
origin - from what I could find, early 17th century but exact origin unknown

Here are some horse-themed charts to accompany the phrase:

Hobby Horse by JBW Designs

Wild Horses by Orchidea

Four Horsemen by Ruth Thompson (HAED)

My personal Gs are:
gymnastics - in my distant (and much slimmer) youth I was a fairly good gymnast. However, joint problems at the age of 11 forced me to give it up or risk long-term damage.
Guides - after Brownies I was a Girl Guide. I wish girls had been allowed in Scouts back then as I would have much rather enjoyed survival skills rather than girly games and hobbies.
guinea pigs - I currently have four very friendly no-so-little furballs who definitely know when it's feeding time!

My finished G projects have to be these five, telling the story of a greedy little harvest mouse:

Harvest Mice by Framecraft

Stitched early 2001 in between bouts of very bad morning sickness whilst pregnant with my daughter! Very vivid memories!!

Tomorrow's H has been a challenge to find any related items for!
Rachel x


Annie said...

Very cute mice:))

Preeti said...

Wow, that's great you were a gymnast too !! I wasn't good at sports at all. Harvest mouse series stitching looks cute!!:) hmm, probably seeing him eat everyday gave you more morning sickness;)

Mii Stitch said...

Ooooh this harvest mouse series is so cute!!!! You did a great job and they are all framed too. Are these up on your walls at home?

Unknown said...

I will be using this ---. I think it is a great way to tell someone I am working with to Hurry Up... Thank you for sharing.

HBF said...

We had guinea pigs in the common area of my "pod" in elementary school! I enjoyed your pieces for today too, the harvest mice are very cute :o)

Linda said...

Your mice are adorable Rachel. You do such a great framing job.


craftingpaws said...

Love the harvest mouse series, so adorable!
Another great alphabet post, I have really been enjoying reading them.

Crafting Paws

Justine said...

Your mouse is so sweet! Great frames too. I'm really enjoying your posts!

Brigitte said...

And another new word for me. But I doubt if I ever will be able to use it as I have no connection with horses. And will never have as they are too tall for me, lol.
Your Harvest Mice are so so sweet, I just love this little series. Isn't it funny how we can sometimes exactly remember the circumstances under which we stitched a special project?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I adore those little mice, especially the first one swinging like a gymnast from the branch!

Katie said...

"G"reat post. Love the series of mice you did. How cute!

Heather said...

Love the mice! I also love horses I think they're so pretty