Thursday, 28 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - X is for.....

Good morning!

We're into the last three days of the A-Z Challenge and start off with X is for:

Scrambled eggs:
noun - a dish of eggs prepared by beating them with a little liquid (usually milk) and seasoning, then cooking and stirring gently until light and fluffy
informal - the gold braid on a military officer's cap

I always do my scrambled eggs with milk in a microwave, stirring every 30 seconds, and have never been let down by their fluffiness or flavour.
If you're interested, there's a wikipedia page about scrambled eggs here. I honestly didn't know there were so many variations on preparing and cooking them!

I couldn't find any scrambled eggs charts but did find loads which were egg related:

Eggs Ala Round by Glendon Place

Humpty Dumpty Verse by Artecy

Egged by Tom Allen (HAED)

My personal Xs include:
xeric - which means being deficient in moisture. OK, it's supposed to relate to desert-type environments, but as I don't drink enough fluids I squeezed it in as an adjective for me!! :)

And my finished X pieces are out of this world:

x-tra teresstrials!

These are a couple of aliens I stitched about 10 years ago from a magazine whilst the children and I were staying at my mum's house over the summer holiday. They were really quick and easy to stitch and have always brought a smile to my face!

For the penultimate day tomorrow, a question which answers many questions!
Rachel x


  1. Scrambled X - that's funny :) I love them too and will have a look at the Wiki page. So far I have always prepared them the same way. The Glendon Place chart looks nice. And your aliens are so cute.

  2. Those aliens are cute :) That's what I wanted to know tomorrow, Rachel, whY? :)

  3. The stitched alien finishes are cute and colourful :)
    Not long to go now, only 2 to go!

  4. Definitely groan worthy lol great charts :). I love the aliens!

  5. Your aliens are adorable Rachel. The only way I eat eggs is scrambled.


  6. What an X-cellent post!
    The charts you picked are really cute and your aliens are adorable.

  7. Another groan-worthy letter! Love the little aliens too.

  8. Your aliens are cute! I love scrambled eggs, and cross stitched ones too.

  9. Love this one! I've never made scrambled eggs in the microwave before.


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