Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - V is for.....

Good morning again!

For V we have:

C'est La Vie:
exclamation - used to express that you have accepted or resigned yourself to a situation in life which is difficult or unpleasant, a bit like "oh well".
origin - French and literally translated as "that's life"

c'est la vie - a well-used phrase in songs. I counted over 10 albums and 40 singles which have had this phrase as their title - and I only recognise one of them by Robbie Neville back in 1986.

I kept with a French connection so today's charts include:

C'est La Vie (can't find the maker)

Paris Skyline by ZGCrossstitchpattern (etsy)

Douce France by Luc Creations

My personal Vs include:
vegetarian - I have been a vegetarian for 28 years. Heather joined me a few years ago but Toby and hubby remain carnivores.
vertically challenged - I come in somewhere around the 5 foot, 1.5 meter mark and actually like this phrase. It brings a smile to people's faces when I say I'm vertically challenged rather than short!
volatile - at least that's what my family tells me my temper is like! Only sometimes I think!

I had to really shoehorn in a V finish today so am showing two very small projects!

After the Bath and Sparrow by Mouseloft

*Shock horror* I don't know when I actually stitched these! I'm guessing around 10 years ago. They're so cute and show what can be achieved with just a few stitches.I hadn't realised the sparrows were the same shape until I put them side-by-side!

A real groan of a W tomorrow.
Rachel x


  1. Ha I love them! The Paris one is gorgeous!

  2. Your very small finishes are so cute!!
    I also like the Douce France design you have found.

  3. Getting excited to see your finished alphabet Rachel. Your little finishes are adorable.


  4. Beautiful chart choices and interesting V info too. Very cute smalls!

  5. What a great post, Rachel. And so full of French delight. But you shouldn't have shown this absolutely beautiful design Douce France I fell in love with immediately. I would love to stitch it right away but it's out of reach, price wise. C'est la vie.
    Your very small projects are so sweet.

  6. Those sparrows are very cute!! :) it is the back stitching that can make anything out of blob of colorful stitching.
    I find that there are many things I share with you. I am vegetarian and 5 ft too. Anyways, it is very common to come across vegetarians in India but yours came as a surprise :)

  7. After reading Brigitte's comment I searched for the Douce France kit and could not believe the price! Glad I wasn't tempted!
    Your little sparrows are so cute.

  8. My cousin and I were just talking about baby carriers and one style I have is a ring sling wrap and I ordered mine with extra fabric so my hubby could use it and I could use the extra fabric as a nursing cover and she replied, "Well, we're both a bit vertically challenged here so I don't think that'll be necessary!" and I laughed out loud haha It is a very good phrase! I'm 5' 7" so above average for a girl ;o)

  9. Nice French feel to the blog today!

    I'm afraid I'm a carnivore too. I don't like vegetables and I have a cheese intolerance so I'd live on toast and cake LOL


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