Friday, 22 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - S is for.....

Good morning again!

Today's stitch is S for:

adjective - costing a lot of money
origin - early 17th century from the Latin expendere (to pay out) and the English expend (lavish and elegant)

This is a very subjective adjective though. What is expensive to one person, may just be pocket money to another.

Here are a selection of charts which depict expensive items:

Promessa by AAN

Bugatti Veyron Caricature by Stitchtastic

Versailles At Night by Classic Cross Stitch

My personal Ss include:
Swansea - a place I called home for three years during my university days. I loved it there and still reminisce about it a lot.
scrapbooking - a very serious hobby for a few years between my break from cross stitching. I was hoping to fit both into my life but my needles are constantly pulling me away. No doubt I shall return to it one day.

And my finished S piece is:

Sepia Baby by Vervaco

Stitched as a birth sampler for my daughter, this was my first venture into sepia tones and I loved it! There are only a few colours but it was so soothing to stitch.

See you tomorrow for a very easy T.
Rachel x


  1. Oh I love the little birth sampler Rachel. Such a pretty design.


  2. Since I started cross stitching, all my other hobbies have taken a back seat, sometimes more, sometimes less, like your scrapbooking, lol. Cross stitch seems to be more addictive than anything else for us.
    A wonderful birth sampler that you stitched for your daughter, Rachel.

  3. The birth sampler is sooo cute !!:) Do share some of your earlier scrapbooking finishes, would love to see.

  4. Heather's births sampler so gorgeous :D I tried scrapbooking but I just never got into it at all! Cross stitching all the way for me :D

  5. I love the baby birth sampler you made for Heather!!
    I do love Sepia stitching but find there aren't enough charts out there :) - I know, I do have a big one to finish in my WIP list -

  6. :) I spell 'spensive that way for fun sometimes. I love that sampler and must resist buying that one too!

  7. Super post. Another lovely birth sampler. I combine my scrapbooking with my stitching, two hobbies in one.

  8. Adorable sampler :). Great choices!

  9. What a sweet sampler for Heather. I like that AAN design, it's very stylish.

  10. That is a beautiful sampler. It does look very peaceful...

  11. Still slowly catching up. I just love the sepia baby piece. Beautiful work! I think I would get bored with the lack of color but it turned out wonderful indeed!


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