Friday, 8 April 2016

A-Z Challenge - G is for.....

Good morning!

Well, it is, but with regards to my alphabet, G is for:

Gee up:
exclamation - to command a horse to go faster
verb - to command a horse to go faster or to encourage or rouse people to go faster
origin - from what I could find, early 17th century but exact origin unknown

Here are some horse-themed charts to accompany the phrase:

Hobby Horse by JBW Designs

Wild Horses by Orchidea

Four Horsemen by Ruth Thompson (HAED)

My personal Gs are:
gymnastics - in my distant (and much slimmer) youth I was a fairly good gymnast. However, joint problems at the age of 11 forced me to give it up or risk long-term damage.
Guides - after Brownies I was a Girl Guide. I wish girls had been allowed in Scouts back then as I would have much rather enjoyed survival skills rather than girly games and hobbies.
guinea pigs - I currently have four very friendly no-so-little furballs who definitely know when it's feeding time!

My finished G projects have to be these five, telling the story of a greedy little harvest mouse:

Harvest Mice by Framecraft

Stitched early 2001 in between bouts of very bad morning sickness whilst pregnant with my daughter! Very vivid memories!!

Tomorrow's H has been a challenge to find any related items for!
Rachel x


  1. Wow, that's great you were a gymnast too !! I wasn't good at sports at all. Harvest mouse series stitching looks cute!!:) hmm, probably seeing him eat everyday gave you more morning sickness;)

  2. Ooooh this harvest mouse series is so cute!!!! You did a great job and they are all framed too. Are these up on your walls at home?

  3. I will be using this ---. I think it is a great way to tell someone I am working with to Hurry Up... Thank you for sharing.

  4. We had guinea pigs in the common area of my "pod" in elementary school! I enjoyed your pieces for today too, the harvest mice are very cute :o)

  5. Your mice are adorable Rachel. You do such a great framing job.


  6. Love the harvest mouse series, so adorable!
    Another great alphabet post, I have really been enjoying reading them.

    Crafting Paws

  7. Your mouse is so sweet! Great frames too. I'm really enjoying your posts!

  8. And another new word for me. But I doubt if I ever will be able to use it as I have no connection with horses. And will never have as they are too tall for me, lol.
    Your Harvest Mice are so so sweet, I just love this little series. Isn't it funny how we can sometimes exactly remember the circumstances under which we stitched a special project?

  9. I adore those little mice, especially the first one swinging like a gymnast from the branch!

  10. "G"reat post. Love the series of mice you did. How cute!

  11. Love the mice! I also love horses I think they're so pretty


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