Tuesday, 17 February 2015

DSDUCJFC 2015 - Day 47

Good morning!

This is the third of four designs in the Little Black Cat series. I thought I would start with the pot first to get some colour into the picture. There are loads of squashed stitches in this series so I am really glad I chose and enjoy working on evenweave. This would be an absolute nightmare on aida - don't even consider it!

Little Black Cat - Sugar
Heritage Crafts
Stitched on 32ct Sky Blue Murano evenweave 2 over 2

Another sepia Silhouette tomorrow, for which I have only two of the required colours until my thread order arrives. That could be interesting!

Happy stitching
Crazy Rachel x


Annie said...

Sweet! I love the Little Black Cats!

Mii Stitch said...

Sweet! The design will really pop out on the beautiful blue fabric :)
Looking forward to admiring your Sepia work... I love Sepia style designs!!

Heather said...

Aww this is cute his expression is priceless!

Katie said...

Too cute! I started one of their patterns so I know what you mean about the squished stitches. They look pretty though when stitched up. It seems to blend better.

Linda said...

A cute start Rachel. What are squished stitches. I have never heard of them.


Justine said...

Ooh my red dragon had lots of squished stitches! They were fun to stitch but not fun to backstitch over! These designs are so cute.
Did you decide whether or not to stitch into March?!

sharine said...

He is a sweetie:)

Kate said...

So cute! It looks great on the blue. Squished stitches? What are those? Sorry, I'm still a fairly new stitcher and don't know all the terms.

Tama said...

That cat is adorable - such a good start, too! Where did you find the patterns - I've been searching everywhere!!!