Sunday, 15 February 2015

DSDUCJFC 2015 - Day 45


I have adored stitching this so far, even if it's only been some leaves and rocks. I think this will be one that I return to quite soon after all the new start challenge madness is over.

The Red Fox
From Young'uns by Gloria and Pat
Stitched on 16ct Iced Coffee over-dyed Aida by Fabric Flair 2 over 1

Happy stitching
Crazy Rachel x


Brigitte said...

Such a sweet design. No wonder that you plan to return to it very quickly.

Linda said...

Cute start and nice progress Rachel. I think this are going to be fun to stitch and not take to long. I plan on starting a few more next month.


Caitlin D said...

Cute start. I love all the baby animals :-)

Tama said...

So cute! I stitched the Spotted Leopard from this set a few years ago. Must do more soon! Great progress on yours :D

Mii Stitch said...

So cute! These shouldn't take you too long :)
Nice start :)

Miamina said...

Very cute :) Well done!

Katie said...

Aw love it!!

Summer said...

this is so cute :)

Tracy J said...

I remember that booklet! I stitched the baby lions and the baby seals. I no longer have either one of those pieces. My daughter tried to stitch the wolves and had the moon completed but never finished it, she was a teen at the time...she is now 28.
Designers don't make booklets anymore and now we have to buy each chart individually. What a bargain those types of books used to be.