Monday, 9 February 2015

DSDUCJFC 2015 - Day 39

Hello again!

I was very tempted to start with the tree, as I did for Spring, but decided to stitch some of the leaves and sky instead. It doesn't look like much without the branches but it'll get there. And, yes, being a Sunday this was mostly achieved in the company of Top Gear!

The Four Seasons - Summer
Featured in Cross Stitch Crazy issue ???
Stitched on 16ct White Aida 2 over 1

Happy stitching
Crazy Rachel x

PS  From now on if/when I leave a comment on your blog you should find that I am no longer a no-reply blogger. I bit the bullet and changed the necessary bits of my profile. I don't seem to have lost any postings, followers, lists, etc. so all's well. Yay!


  1. Lovely start !! :)
    Can these really be finished one in a weekend ? They don't look like small charts.

  2. I love this one! Been tempted to do it myself. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  3. Great start! I really like this design :) More fun when working on it with Top Gear in the background, for sure!!

  4. This is such a pretty design Rachel. You have made a good start.


  5. Such a gorgeous piece! My hubby likes Top Gear. I'm glad you didn't lose anything to fix the no-reply.

  6. Beautiful! These designs are going to look great together. So pleased that now I can reply to your lovely comments and glad that you didn't lose anything in the transition!


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