Friday, 6 February 2015

DSDUCJFC 2015 - Day 36

Hello blogger friends!

Housekeeping first - I was only a few days behind but I think I've just about caught up with reading blogs, leaving comments and replying to those necessary. I like to try to keep up-to-date as much as possible but recently my stitching has been getting in the way. I can't think why!!!

I must also welcome new followers that have joined in 2015. I hope you are enjoying my stitching antics. For my more long-term followers, thank you for staying with me. You are all very much appreciated!

Now onto the Challenge piece. Not only is this design a lovely abstract representation of London but I also have great affection for the city - we live quite close to London, hubby used to work in Whitehall opposite Big Ben and I used to work in the financial area, watching the Gherkin being constructed from my office window. Frequent visits with the children have helped them appreciate the history and architecture of our Capital city, as well as allowing us to do the usual touristy things.

Pretty Little City - London
From Satsuma Street (etsy)
Stitched on 16ct Sunset Sky hand-dyed aida by The Crafty Kitten 2 over 1

I'll leave you with a hint about tomorrow's start - live long and prosper!

Happy stitching
Crazy Rachel x


  1. meraviglioso! l'aida ha dei colori bellissimi

  2. Another great start and choice of fabric for this lovely & colourful design :)

  3. I love that fabric. And London is one of my favorite places to visit. I've been about 15 times. (From central USA)

  4. Beautiful design and that fabric is gorgeous.... need to get me some of that colour!

    1. Oh, and I forgot to add that I can't believe the blog is nearly a year old already, congratulations .... where has the last year gone?

  5. I love the colors in this! And the's beautiful!!!!
    Can you do a post about your fabric stash?! I would love to drool, I mean, have a look at all your beauties!!

  6. Love the fabric and start Rachel. You have the prettiest fabric.


  7. What a beautiful design and great meaning for your family. Again I just love the fabric.

  8. Wonderful new start. I love this collection. I really like the fabric you chose to stitch it on too.

  9. That will look great on that fabby:)

  10. Love it love it love it! Your fabric choice is perfect as always. I'm going to work on Paris later...You've inspired me!

  11. I've seen a few people doing these "Pretty Little ...." designs and I love them. The London one is definitely on my "To Get" list!

  12. I've seen a few people doing these "Pretty Little ...." designs and I love them. The London one is definitely on my "To Get" list!

  13. Brilliant new start, this will look amazing on that fabric. The colours are so vibrant - love it!
    xo Alicia


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