Wednesday 10 January 2024

Link-up For Fully Finished Gallery SAL - January 2024

Hello all!

It's the 10th of the month and therefore time for the first Fully Finished Gallery SAL of 2024, the place to show your cross stitched FFOing achievements since your last link-up.

The link-up for this SAL opens on the 10th of each month and stays open for 10 days so you can join in whenever you're ready.

Before delving into this month's FFOs, let's take a look back at 2023.

In 2023, 255 cross stitched FFOs were submitted by 16 different bloggers. Not only were there the regular entrants, but also some new ones, and the return of a couple who had been inactive with their FFOing for a few months. Thank you all for your continued contributions. You are all welcome, no matter the frequency!

For those who like statistics, here's how many participated and how many entries were received each month during 2023:

That brings the running total of cross-stitched FFOs in the last five years to 1,605, which is absolutely A-MA-ZING!

Every single FFOer is special, so shout-outs go to everyone who participated, but especially to

* Suzanne, Leonore and Astrid who had FFOs every month.
* Suzanne who submitted the most FFOs at 39 (closely followed by Astrid, Clare and Jo, who all submitted 30 or more each).

And to everyone else who participated - Gwen, Jocondine, Cathy, Pamela, Toki, Mary, Ann, DJ and Katie - another BIG THANK YOU!

On top of all those cross-stitched FFOs, there were also 37 entries which did not involve cross stitching and were therefore not counted in the above. They belonged to Jocondine, Pamela, Toki, Astrid, Jo and Clare. Thank you again. All FFOs are important!

Now on to 2024...

The only FFO I have this month is last month's Smalls SAL QR Code, finished off as a simple felt-backed hanging ornie. In case you haven't zapped it with an app, it says Best Wishes for the New Year.

I am very close to completing four more, but procrastinating with the finishing touches. Another hour should do it so they'll definitely be ready next month.

Now it's your turn.

Please link-up using the URL of your FFG SAL post and not the home page of your blog, adding a thumbnail of a finish and either your name or your blog name as the caption. The link-up will remain open for 10 days, closing at 6am UK time on 20th January.

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And please don't forget to follow other links and support fellow fully-finish-offers.

Hope to see you again next month!

Take care,
Rachel x


jocondine said...

Wonderful stats, thanks for welcoming our full finish works! A new year with big goals again (fingers crossed). xxx

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great info about our 2023 finishes, this SAL certainly helps me get things done. Thank you for hosting again this year.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fabulous stats! Once again, I have squeaked in with a last minute finish.
Love the QR code and the fact that it actually scans and works!

Suzanne H said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. I don't think I'll have as many pieces to finish this year. I hope to finish a few ornaments I've stitched for Christmas 2024 this weekend. I feel like I need to keep up my momentum!

Katie said...

None this check in. But love those stats. Amazing amount of finishes!!

Rita said...

Happy New Year Everyone!
Thanks for hosting this Finish Gallery again.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm glad we are continuing this box of shame needs it! And look at me, not even that late for the first month. There is still hope!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I scanned the QR code and it works. Great.
Your statistics are interesting. I hope to feature as a regular contributor next year :)

Astrids dragon said...

What a great year 2023 was for finishing, cheers to more in the new one!
Such a fun finish, especially that it works🥰

Tiffstitch said...

Very cute finish, and that's so much stitching and finishing, wow!