Friday, 21 December 2018

Midnight Manor - 30 hours

Hello all!

I thought maybe I'd get this finished within the next 10 hour stint but it was not to be. To be fair, I haven't got much left to do so my estimate wasn't too far out.

Here's how you last saw Midnight Manor:

And now after 30 hours:

I had planned to make the lights inside the manor a bright yellowy-green, but opted for a soft peach instead to go with the fabric. However, I do think the pumpkin is possibly too bright so may be frogged and replaced with a more browny-orange. Not sure.

So all I've got left to do is finish off the window lights, stitch (or restitch) the pumpkins and replace the spider which should be hanging from the branch in the top right with something else. I feel a Happy Dance coming on very very soon!

Take care,
Rachel x


sweetmiaomiao said...
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sweetmiaomiao said...

Molto bello, a me piace il colore della zucca, aspetto di vederlo terminato

Katie said...

Looks fantastic! Yeah I think the pumpkin being a little darker might be better too. I'm sure you will pick the perfect choice. Good luck finishing it up. Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

GreAt progress Rachel. I like the bright pumpkin.


Unknown said...

That pumpkin sure stands out, I would change it to a darker orange colour. Love how it's looking and I'm sure you can get a finish before the end of the year. Happy stitching and Merry Christmas.

Faith... said...

It looks great and soooo close to a finish! I am sure it will be finished by the end of the year! I like the pumpkin like it is, but a darker one would fit in better with the stitching. Look forward to seeing what your decision will be!

Cathy said...

It's looking good, Rachel. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished with your final customizations.

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