Sunday, 12 February 2017

7 Box of Shame Finishes

Good afternoon all!

I've been a successful busy little bee again this week, rummaging through my and my mum's collection of previously used and/or "might-come-in-handy-one-day" frames and framing a few more of my Box of Shame pieces. It was so nice to find suitable frames and not have to buy any new ones. However, it does mean that all the glass is standard and decent photos were very difficult to get.

Here we go then:

April Showers
I finished this Lickle Ted piece in 2015 and have been procrastinating about framing him since. He looked wonderful with tan and red mounts, but equally good without them. So without them it was! It's a 7"x9" gold-edged mahogany-effect frame which came from a cheapy-bits-and-pieces shop a few years ago for about £3.

Friends Forever
Sam and Peeps were also stitched in 2015 and have finally come out to be displayed. This cheap 5"x7" teal frame was bought from Asda years ago for a massive 97p! I knew it would come in handy one day!

Let's Eat Dessert
I finished this in 2016 but was always wary of how I would frame it given the amount of colours in the fabric. Surprisingly, a gold-edged mid-wood frame looked really good, so that's what I used as that's all it needed.

October Fairy
This was a piece I stitched in 2016 and (obviously) one of a set of 12. I had no idea how I would frame the series but came across this wonderful bright orange 5"x5" frame in Tiger for a massive £1. I can't remember if they stocked colours that will match the other fairies in the series but then I haven't stitched them yet so will worry about that when it comes to it!

Cats In Love
You should recognise this piece as it was a new start and finish last month. I wanted a black frame but found this black and silver 8"x10" frame which came from Poundland. I wasn't sure if it would look right but think it works really well. And it's something different to plain black for a change.

And finally...

Playful Puss 3 and 4
The first two Playful Puss pieces were stitched and framed in 2015. The other two were finished last summer so goodness knows why it has taken me so long to add them into the frame! It's a simple black frame with bright green and pink mounts to match the grass and flowers. Unlike the other this was custom made so not cheap!

So, that's another 7 out of my Box of Shame... but still loads more to go. Hopefully I'll be back with some more finished-finishes soon.

Happy stitching (and finishing!)
Rachel x


Quilting Tangent said...

Cute projects!

Kerryp77 said...

Excellent work Rachel. I've had a bit of a framing flurry and it's surprising how many look great in inexpensive frames. Love the orange frame with the pumpkin one and cars in love looks great in the silver & black too. Keep it up!

Linda said...

You do a fabulous job of framing Rachel. They all look fantastic.


Preeti said...

They all look wonderful in the frames:)
I do not have enough wall space to frame my pieces because some are quite large. I need to find alternate finishing methods.

Faith... said...

Love them all Rachel! Wanna come over and do some for me? LOL

Tiffstitch said...

Congrats on finishing so many projects completely, excellent work! I really, really love the orange one and the black/silver for Cats in Love, gorgeous work!

Sarah said...

They all look great. And I agree, the black and silver is perfect for the cats.

Katie said...

Ohhh I love them all! They all look perfect in the one you picked out. I got out my sewing machine last week and was hoping to join in the Box of Shame finishes. It was a no go. Everything I tried went wrong. So I had to walk away and I will hopefully try again and it will work itself out. Great job though!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You really are on a roll with the fully-finishes! I thought I was doing well with one a week!
We don't have a Tiger here, all my basic frames come from Wilkos.

Melinda Forbes said...

These are look so amazing. I think you have picked wonderful frames and mats too. My favorite is October Fairy - but Orange is my favorite color

Heather said...

Congratulations Rachel they all look great! I especially love the black and silver frame