Friday, 22 March 2019

Parrot On Parade - 20 hours

Hello all!

I suddenly decided I fancied stitching reds for a while so the gorgeous and very charismatic Parrot On Parade returned to my frame.

Here's how I left him:

And now:

Where appropriate I do like to name characters in my projects, so seeing as he's a bit of a scruffy chap he's now been named Mr Scruffy - not very original, I admit, but definitely fitting.

Now for some useless information... yesterday marked my 1000th stitching day in a row - or every day since 25th June 2016. In fact I've only missed one day since 1st January 2015 (that being 24th June 2016, obviously!) which was due to being in A&E with my son who had fractured his wrist.

We arrived in A&E about 7:30pm, I think, and naturally I was concerned about him, but as the minutes and hours ticked away I couldn't help but selfishly think that my stitching record (which then stood at 540 days) would be broken. And it was, as we didn't get home until the early hours of the following morning. At one point I felt like phoning hubby and asking him to bring my stitching to A&E; son was asleep beside me, more urgent cases were naturally taking precedence and I knew we were in for a long night, but that would have been more hassle than it was worth! So I *pitiful sigh with back of hand on forehead* sacrificed my record and knew I would be starting back at zero the following day. Oh, the things we do for our children!!!

Yes, of course I'm hamming my reaction up - my children will always come first - but what niggles is that if the school nurse had actually done her job properly (he hurt his wrist at lunchtime) and/or I had taken more notice of his complaining (I'm not a harsh mother but, I think you'll agree, some children have a low pain threshold and tend to over-react at the slightest thing) we would have been in A&E and home a lot sooner.

But all that aside, I count myself exceptonally lucky that I am able to stitch every night and am now aiming for 2000 days which, if my calculations are correct, will be 15th December 2021!

And to start the ball rolling on those next 1000 days I've decided to stay with Mr Scruffy for another 10 hours. Back soon!

Take care,
Rachel x


Katie said...

Mr Scruffy is just too cute! How fun. I LOLed a bit at your complaining. I do totally understand though. When I stayed with my mom for 3 days I myself wished I had thought ahead to bring a small piece to work on. I about went insane just sitting and waiting. I miss days here and there but I wish you lots and lots of luck in continuing to 2000.

deb said...

Your parrot is looking wonderful ... but I'm totally gobsmacked by your stitching record!! If I manage to pick up a needle more than two or three times in a week, I'm happy. Hoping you reach your next consecutive-days goal!

Linda said...

Congrats on your 1000 day record Rachael. I'm sure I have never accomplished that in the 35 years I've been stitching. Awesome progress on Mr. Scruffy. Looking forward to seeing your next 10 hours. I understand about children and hospitals. I spent many many hours in the ER when my daughter was little. Now it seems to be me.


Mini said...

Mr. Scruffy looks gorgeous.
Omg what a record !!!I can understand about you thinking about the record break when in hospital with your son.

I have a dream that one year I will stitch every day..right now I will be happy if I can do that for a month.

Best of luck for your goal.

Cathy said...

Congratulations on your stitching days record! That's quite an accomplishment. I stitch most everyday, but there are days when it just doesn't happen and I usually go into a slump at some point during the year, too.

Mr. Scruffy does indeed look scruffy and is very colorful, too.

Faith... said...

Oh I just love the name you gave the Parrot, Mr. Scruffy! We have a dog that is part pomeranian that is named Scruffy because like your's he looks a bit scruffy! I just love the colors in him and he really looks full of life.

Sorry your previous Consecutive Stitching Days record was broken but WOW to make it to 1,000 in a row is quite an accomplishment! I stitch almost everyday but I usually miss at least one per week. I hope you learned a little lesson and you now keep a project in your car for such occasions. Looking forward to your next 1,000 days!

rosey175 said...

Congrats on your 1000th day! Do you have an emergency kit in your purse at all times now? Hopefully it would never get stitched hah. Sometime, I may take pride in doing something crafty everyday... for a week. :)

Mr Scruffy looks awesome in his scruffiness. These colors are so fun!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on Mr. Scruffy! Congratulations on the 1000 days. I really wish I had kept count. I can definitely say it is between 3000 and 3500 because my son was 10 in February and I didn't stitch much when he was newborn. I started my blog in 2011 and have stitched every single day since then.

Astrids dragon said...

Mr Scruffy looks adorable, such beautiful colours.
Good for you! This is the year I'm trying to stitch every day, so far so good.

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

1000 days! That is amazing and wonderful. I wonder if I could handle such a challenge?

Leonore Winterer said...

Mr Scruffy looks very handsome! Congrats on your 1000 days stitching record. I feel with you for that day in the A&E...even if visits there are highly emotional in nature, waiting for hours can still be extremly boring at times, and losing your 500+ day streaks isn't fun either!