Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Happy New Year and 2019 Stitching Plans

Good morning everybody, and Happy New Year!!

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So as we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019, it's time to reveal my 2019 stitching plans!!

After two years of focusing on finishing off a number of outstanding WIPs I have decided to change direction this year by tightly closing my WIP box and stitching only on new starts. Yep, your eyes did not deceive you, I will only be stitching on new starts!

But don't panic; that doesn't mean 365 new starts, just that every project I work on in 2019 (except for the Tribal Dragon I started on Christmas Day, which is almost 2019) will be new.

However, I really don't want my WIP pile to increase again so am hoping that, with the exception of one long-term project, every other 2019 start will also be a 2019 finish. Having said that, though, if I fancy another new start I'm not going to fret about it, so I'll see how it goes. 

So here are my plans, along with a few pictures/teasers as to what I will be working on:

Monthly Birthstones
My first project each month will be a small chart by Palkolap stitched in that month's birthstone colour. I'll show the piece when it's been stitched and the fully-finished ornie as part of the Smalls SAL Here's a reminder of the fabrics and threads for each month:

Smalls SAL - to be posted on the last Friday of each month
My second project each month will be one specifically stitched for the Smalls SAL, which means it won't be shown until the last Friday of each month. Here are the projects I've lined up for this year:

A Monarch A Month
Kings and Queens by Bothy Threads is a project I've been wanting to stitch for a while and will be a long-term (almost four-year long) project as I will be stitching just one monarch each month. They will be spaced out a little more than charted, and at the end (mid 2022 if I keep to my schedule) I am planning to add a title at the top and a border around the outside. I'm still procrastinating about a fabric but had better make up my mind soon!

Continue working on Tribal Dragon
I have made good progress on this since Christmas Day and would like to continue that progress into 2019. It definitely won't be a finish but if I make it to the one-third (perhaps even halfway) mark I'll be very happy indeed.

New starts
I have a number of projects kitted up for the year varying in shapes, sizes and colours. Here are the four biggest and top-priority projects I'm hoping to start and finish; the remainder are generally much smaller and shown in their popper wallets so as not to give nothing away! In order of priority:

Hogwarts In A Bottle by CutePatternsByMaria (etsy)
The fabric is gorgeous 16ct Lazurite aida by Chromatic Alchemy.

Halloween Banners (green one only) by Artecy

Parrot on Parade by Bothy Threads

Haunted Library by Mill Hill
Will be stitched on navy fabric, not the supplied perforated paper.

The remainder, if time permits.

People's Choice SAL - first Saturday of each month
Hosted by Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, this is a fun SAL with a different theme each month. I will not be stitching anything specific for it but hope to make an interesting post around the chosen theme.

Continue to empty my Box of Shame
Apart from projects which are parts of unfinished sets or for which I have not yet purchased frames, I would like everything else in my Box of Shame to be gone by the end of 2019.

Minimise stash-buying!
OK, so this is easier said than done but I have a plan...
Each time I buy a chart I am going to put aside the equivalent amount of money, ready to donate to charity next Christmas. This year our whole family agreed to fewer presents and instead donated a sizeable amount to good causes, and this is another way I can help. Yes, I'll probably still feel guilty about stash-enhancing, but I know that it will also benefit others. Win-win!

So, there are my plans for 2019. The first third/half of the month will more or less be taken up with stitching the Birthstone, Smalls SAL and Monarch pieces, and then I can stitch on any of my new projects for the remainder of the month. It'll be interesting to see if I stick with one project or chop and change according to my mood or which colours I fancy stitching with. I have absolutely no idea!

It also means that, for the bigger projects at least, I'll become more of a 'Ten Hour Stitcher' so may be posting more frequently as each ten hour mark is reached. Hmmm, not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

Time to pick up my first piece for 2019 then. January's Birthstone is calling...

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and very stitchy year.
Rachel x


Unknown said...

Happy new year. Good luck with your plans for 2019. Love that parrot. Happy stitching!!!

Faith... said...

Very good plans Rachel! I can't wait to see what is in those envelopes :) I love the Hogwarts In A Bottle but I can't wait to follow your progress on Parrot on Parade.

What a great (and kind) idea about the stash buying and setting some aside for charity.

Can't wait to follow your adventures for 2019.

Katie said...

What great plans! I'll be cheering you along of course. I love all the new projects you have shared. I can't wait to see what you are hiding. I really hope to hear more often from you. How could that possibly be a bad thing? Neat idea on the new purchases and charity. I'm going to *cough* try to cut back on buying new things this year too....stop laughing. Really I am! Thanks for being a friend this year. I appreciate your emails dearly.

rosey175 said...

I love your little project envelopes; that's a nifty idea. And Hogwarts in a Bottle is a nifty chart; haven't seen that one before. G'luck to you and your goals! You've got this!

Happy New Year to you and yours~ :D

Cathy said...

You have some fantastic plans for 2019. I love the Hogwarts one, but I'm not a Harry Potter aficionado. Enjoy all your projects this year.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great goals! I do like the idea of finishing what you start in the year, that's been my goal just recently. Love that strange parrot and the Hallowe'en banner.