Tuesday, 26 August 2014

QS Hang in There - finished and framed!

Hello fellow stitch-a-holics!

I'm back sooner than anticipated with a finish! I worked on Millie during Bank Holiday Monday, promising myself that I would stitch her until she was finished. I achieved this at 12.10am this morning! She has now been washed, ironed, thoroughly dried and framed. I am so happy with the result and guess what?..... yes, my mum has claimed her for her room!!!!

The "green" peg is a little bizarre as it contains blues, greys, golds and mauves. I had anticipated altering it to all greens, but there were so many colour changes that I decided to leave it. Also, some of the blue sky effect faded in the wash. At first I was annoyed but I still like the paler colour. She was not easy to frame either as the fabric at the top and bottom stretched a little during washing. I have put wadding behind her which helps hide the pucker marks from where I had to straighten the fabric. You wouldn't notice if I hadn't told you though!

So, here she is completed before framing:

And after framing, with her details:

QS Hang in There (aka Millie) by Karen Middleton
Heaven and Earth Designs
Stitched on 16ct hand-dyed Sky Aida 2 over 1 (no background)
Stitch count 150 wide by 173 high
Started - 6th May 2013
Finished - 26th August 2014
Total stitching time - 85 hours 30 minutes

The frame is, as I have mentioned before, from ezeframe.co.uk. It's a 20mm mahogany frame with a 40mm royal blue top mount, a 6mm terracotta bottom mount and anti reflective acrylic glazing. Perfect in my opinion!

I have sent pictures off to HAED showing her progress and framed. I can't enter their reward programme as I haven't stitched the whole project but I thought it would be nice for them to see a finished piece of work - MY finished piece of work!!!

With Millie completed I am officially down to 8 WIPs or 7 if I discount the one I am going to re-start (but more about that when the time is right!)

The whole point of finishing Millie was so that I could commence Mini Space Traveler, but at the moment *shock, horror* I don't actually feel like starting a new project! Which means I shall be carrying on with a current WIP - Mini The Owrd Lord. I just love the autumnal colours in this picture and very much feel in a browny-terracotta type mood.

See you soon then!

All the best and
Happy Stitching :)
Rachel x


Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel

Millie is adorable and I love the way you've framed her too!
Looking forward to seeing what you stitch next (:

Mii Stitch said...

So so cute!! Congratulations in finishing it :)

Pull the other thread said...

Great piece. Many congratulations on getting it finished and framed.

Manuela said...

Hello Rachel,

you have a wonderful blog. I'm your new follower.
The little cat is so cute. The frame is perfect.

Greetings, Manuela from Germany

Rachel said...

Thank you Annie. I think she's great!

Rachel said...

Thank you Mii. I have to say I'm glad this one's finished!

Rachel said...

Thank you. Finishing her now leaves a space for a New Start!!!

Rachel said...

Hello Manuela and welcome to my blog. Thank you for your comments about Millie. You are very kind.

Miamina said...

That looks amazing and you've stitched it so quickly! I am such a slow stitcher but I guess I get there....eventually :P Well done on a beautiful and super cute finish, it's really does look wonderful! :)