Friday, 22 August 2014

QS Hang In There - 80 hour update

Hi all!

The end is getting nearer and the light at the end of the tunnel is definitely getting brighter!

I'm really enjoying Millie now that I know the end is so close. I can see a noticeable difference every few stitches as the gaps are being filled in. This is only possible due to constantly changing colours (which is getting to be really quite monotonous - 1 stitch here, 2 stitches there... oh look, there's actually a block of 5 over there!) You don't want to see how bulky the reverse is with all the fastening off and a few cheekily carried threads!!!

But enough whinging, here are the usual pictures:

After 70 hours

After 80 hours

Millie herself is actually completely totally utterly finished (yay!) leaving me with just the green peg and a bit of shadowing around it to stitch (although her left eye looks a bit weird so that may need a bit of adjusting). The task of trying to discern the background from the cat has not always been easy but I think I have done a fairly good job.

I have already ordered and received the frame for Millie from good old! I uploaded the 60 hour picture and worked with that to find the right colour mounts, frame and overall size. The choice was actually very easy and it cost just £25. I reckon the shop I used to use would have charged over £60 so that's a bargain in my book. OK, I have to stretch and mount it myself but I don't mind that at all. In fact, it gives me the satisfaction of truly finishing off my own piece of work.

The remainder of the summer holiday with the children is planned to be busy, busy, busy so I doubt there will be another post for a fortnight or so. But when there is, I can almost guarantee it will be of a completed project and you can all join me in yet another happy dance!

Until then,

All the best and
Happy stitching! :)
Rachel x


Pull the other thread said...

Wow you have done so well on this piece. You are soooo close!! Good luck with finishing this super sweet project :)

Annie said...

Adorable! Next post will be a happy dance post!

Tina said...

What a beauty! And I love the fabric!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel

millie is looking really lovely, very cute!
Enjoy the rest of the holidays with your children (:

Unknown said...

Sweet cross stitch, so cute.

Lulu said...

Wow great progress! You are so close I can't wait to see her completed next time :)

Rachel said...

Thanks. Hopefully it won't take too long!

Rachel said...

There's a lot of other people doing happy dances at the moment so hopefully I can join them soon! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks. It works so well. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks, and I will. I'm a strange mother who actually LIKES having their children at home!!! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks. I'm just catching up on your blog from the beginning. You have some lovely projects too! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks. Your wish is my command. I should be able to finish her in less than 10 hours! :)

Mii Stitch said...

Congratulations are in order really, even though it is not quite yet finished ;) What an adorable little cat, you have truly been so patient and all your hard work is now showing off. Fantastic!