Saturday, 24 September 2022

Back to zero!

Hi again!

Those who have been following me a long time will know that stitching every day, even if only for five minutes, is a bit of an obsession. 

Starting on 1st January 2015, I made it to 540 days before a trip to A&E with my son ended that streak.

Restarting on 26th June 2016, all looked well, right up to 20th September 2022 when, after 2278 stitching days in a row, the counter reset to zero and stayed there for Three. Full. Days.  :(

Although I'm a little frustrated, I can more than see the funny side of this obsession, so am OK if you want to laugh along with me at my 'failure'!

I have calculated it will take until 18th December 2028 to surpass 2278 days in a row again, and it made me wonder (a) if I'd make it, and (b) if I'd still be stitching the same WIPs I have now! Only time will tell...

Take care,
Rachel x


Claudette497 said...

Oh no!
I admire your obsession! I hope your next streak is even longer!

Linda said...

Congratulations Rachel. That is amazing. I know you will be able to beat thAt record.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Oh no!! I can’t imagine three days without a single stitch. I’d have to be in hospital myself. Probably unconscious.
Good luck with beating the streak this time.

Katie said...

Oh no. I sure hope everything is okay to keep you away for 3 days. Big hugs for whatever restarted the counter. We will all be cheering you on for the next milestone.

Faith... said...

Uh oh! Sorry to see you had to stop stitching for a few days. I hope that there is nothing seriously wrong at your house. I know you will be able to set a new record for yourself and surpass your old one. I will be standing on the side line with Katie cheering you on!!

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry that happened, especially since I can imagine that what ever kept you from stitching for 3 days can't have been a fun occasion. Nevertheless, that's an impressive record, and I'm glad you are still motivated to do it.