Saturday, 23 October 2021

In The Gloaming - 50 hours

Hi all!

Well, Dark October has been good, and allowed me to put in another 10 hours on In The Gloaming.

Like I thought, I carried on and finished the monument but was then soooooo desperate to stitch the railings that I had a couple of late night into early morning sessions to do just that; a lovely treat for which I paid the price when the lack of sleep caught up with me!

Here's how it was at 40 hours:

And after the couple of long stitching sessions:

I'm still quite a way off finishing but think another 10 hours should be enough. However, I need to get back to The Loneliness Of Autumn so doubt I will be joining Tiff in her Dark October In The Gloaming Happy Dance.

I'm also cautiously wondering whether or not to backstitch the railings. It would require a lot of work, and would definitely make them 'pop' more, but then would I also have to backstitch the monument?

Another deciding factor is that I'm stitching a similar project, Gatekeeper, and if I backstitched the railings on this one I would have to do the same on that one and, as you can see, that would be a mega undertaking, so maybe not afterall!


Take care,
Rachel x


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love those railings as they are and don't think backstitch is necessary. Especially not having seen the companion piece!

Leonore Winterer said...

I agree with Jo, the railings look pretty good as they are! The whole design has more of a not-completely-defined look to it, with the birds basically being silhouettes, so I think without backstitch is good. Great progress!

Faith... said...

This looks great. I think I would put off the back stitching until you are finished with all the pieces than maybe you can look at all of them together and decide what is need since you will want them all to look the 'same' when all is said and done.