Monday, 8 April 2019

April In Diamond - started and finished!

Hi all!

At the beginning of each month I will be stitching a little calendar piece, by Palkolp, in that month's birthstone colour. This idea was inspired by Jo's People's Choice SAL Birthstone posting and from her link to a website about birthstones.

April's birthstone is diamond:

She who from April dates her years
Diamond shall wear
Lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow

Visit if you would like to read little interesting snippets of information about diamonds.

Here's April's piece:

April by Palkolap
Stitched on 16ct Wolf over-dyed aida by 2 over 1
Stitch count 47 wide by 47 high
Stitched with DMC white and Mill Hill frosted seed beads 60161
Started - 1st April 2019
Finished - 6th April 2019
Total stitching time - 5 hours 5 minutes

I was worried that April would look very washed out, given that I was using white and pale grey, but the addition of Kreinik blending filament #001 (not that you can see it in this photo) just about gave it that little something to take away the blandness. Anyway, more than any other month, doesn't this one deserve a little sparkle?

I plan to have this FFOd in time for the FFG SAL on the 10th (when I'll also try to get a better photo of the sparkle).

In other news... talk about perfect timing...

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I had reached 1000 stitching days in a row and how, before that, my number of continuous stitching days had only been broken by a lengthy visit to A&E.

Some of you suggested I should keep a chart and supplies with me at all times... just in case.

Well, it's a good job I remembered that advice for, on the night of Monday 1st April at 6pm, I left home with DD on a roundabout trip (walking+2 trains+1 bus+1 taxi) that would take us to a pharmacy, a walk-in health centre and finally A&E, and which would result in us arriving home at 1:45 Tuesday morning.

Having preempted that we might be in for a long night I had picked up my April birthstone folder before leaving. I only stitched for a few minutes in A&E (too tired to focus for long) but that didn't matter; my number of continuous stitching days remained unbroken. Big sigh of relief and thank you to those whose suggestion made that possible. Without those I would have frustratingly been back to zero again. Like I said, talk about perfect timing! Thank you!  :)

Take care,
Rachel x


Linda said...

Congrats on the pretty finish Rachel. Hope your daughters okay.


Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely finish, well done on your continuous stitching, I hope your daughter is ok

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

April looks so pretty! Great choices of thread and fabric.
Hope your daughter is OK now.

Katie said...

I love it. I agree with you April diamond deserves to be shiny and delicate looking. So for me being over the pond I don't know what A&E is. From context and the other comments it looks like a hospital type thing. I hope your daughter is okay now. Glad you thought to grab some stitching to take with you. A few stitches is better than nothing to continue your count.

Faith... said...

April looks great Rachel! I like how the white shows up on that fabric.

Hope it wasn't to serious with your DD and that she is starting to feel better. Good thing you have stuff all kitted up and ready to go too!

Cathy said...

I'm so glad someone made that suggestion and you remembered it so that you didn't end your streak which is quite an accomplishment itself.

Your April square is so pretty and the background is one color I hadn't thought of for April so I will be using a light gray for mine (because of April Showers) Now I just need to come up with a floss color. Maybe yellow/orange or blue/green?

The Crafty Princess said...

Every month deserves a little sparkle LOL but that's just me. Bit of a bling freak here. Sparkles are so hard to photograph but I'm sure it looks so glittery in real life.

Well done on your April finish
xo Alicia

rosey175 said...

Pesky surprise doctor visits trying to mess up your count! Glad you had this tiny piece with you. Hope things are okay now!

Tiffstitch said...

Good thing you remembered! Love April, very classy look.

Leonore Winterer said...

What a great little finish! I'm glad you thought to bring it to the A&E, and your streak could be saved!