Friday, 31 October 2014

Autumnal Abstract - 130 hour update

Hello again!

As you can see, I'm back with Autumnal Abstract. Dolphin Ruins may be calling me - loudly - but I just can't tear myself away from this project. The right half is completely finished so I'm on the home straight working down to the bottom left corner. Here's my progress over the last couple of days:

After 120 hours

After 130 hours

The school half-term holiday has allowed me to stitch during the day as well as at night, hence quicker progress for this ten hour stint. It's a bit naughty but the children don't mind me disappearing for a couple of hours here and there as long as I'm on call and they get fed at the appropriate times!

Back soon(ish) with another update.....

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x

PS for those that celebrate (we don't!) Happy Halloween!


Pull the other thread said...

Looks fantastic

Mii Stitch said...

Great progress!
Looking forward to the approaching weekend for more stitching time :)

Linda said...

Looks great Rachel.