Friday, 24 October 2014

Autumnal Abstract - 100 hour update

Hello fellow stitchers!

Yes, that's now 100 hours completed on this design and I'm still going strong. I'm averaging 2-3 hours per night and love being able to see visible daily progress. I've made a lot more progress in the last 50 hours at home than I did during the 50 hours at the Cross Stitch Club (more stitching less chatting!) and estimate about another 80 hours to go.

So, here are the usual pictures:

After 90 hours

After 100 hours

I've reached the bottom right hand corner and have been able to stitch all of the design without having to roll any of the actual stitching, which I'm really happy about.

A few people have asked when/where I purchased this kit as they having been looking for it. Well, I bought it about 10 years ago from an internet shop and know that it has not been available for quite some time. So..... when I have finished stitching the whole design I shall be giving away the original chart to one lucky blog follower. If you're interested then just watch this space for a final post and instructions on how to win!

Until next time then,

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x

PS Forgot to wish my son, Toby, a very happy 11th birthday for Sunday. Love you loads!


Pull the other thread said...

Looks great!. Well done on more great progress!

Mii Stitch said...

Rachel, you are a fast stitcher!! Love the design and you made fabulous progress.

Cinzia said...

You stitch so fast!

Linda said...

Awesome progress Rachel. I love this design. And you are a very fast stitcher.


Rachel said...

Thank you. I'm still hooked on this project too! :)

Rachel said...

It's blocks of colours which speeds up stitching no end!

Rachel said...

It's a combination of being able to stitch solidly for at least a couple of hours at a time, and a pattern which has practically no confetti stitching. :)

Rachel said...

Thank you Linda, but it's only the type of pattern making it seem like I'm stitching quickly!!! :)