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A Monarch A Month - Edward IV

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Time for another Monarch Of The Month and another History lesson. This time it's monarch number sixteen, Edward IV, doing something he enjoyed a lot - eating!

Edward IV from Kings and Queens by Bothy Threads
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Edward's ascendancy more or less brought The Wars Of The Roses to an end, with the House of York claiming victory over the House Of Lancaster as to who had a better claim to the throne.

However, behind these events, and those of the following decade, was Edward's cousin, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick - the Kingmaker - and I have had to be careful not to make this about him, as he was instrumental in many events in Edward's life including Edward's ascendancy and the return of Henry VI. Switching allegiances, depending on what would benefit him the most, was certainly Warwick's way of life!

Preceded by Henry VI (father's cousin)
Succeeded by Edward V (son)
Lived - 1442-1483
Reigned - 1461-1470 and 1471-1483
Married - Elizabeth Woodville 1464
Fathered - 3 legitimate sons, 7 legitimate daughters, and a handful of illegitimate children

Edward IV became king, twice, by deposing his father's cousin, Henry VI, twice!

Compared to the mentally fragile and indecisive Henry, Edward's confidence and overall demeanour made him appealing.

Edward's first reign began after the defeat of Henry VI in 1461 the Battle of Towton. Henry went into hiding, his wife and son fled to France, and Edward was crowned Edward IV.

In 1464 Edward married Elizabeth Woodville, the widow of a former prominent Lancastrian. It was a politically cunning marriage but also hugely unpopular, especially with Warwick.

Edward faced three coups from his brother, George, and Warwick, one in 1469 and two in 1470. The first two were unsuccessful and led to George and Warwick fleeing to France. However, after joining forces with Henry's VI's wife and son, the third was successful and the deposed Henry VI was restored to the throne.

But Edward fought back, defeating both Warwick and Henry's son in the Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury in 1471. Henry was captured, imprisoned and 'conveniently' died a few days later, leaving Edward King once more.

George was forgiven and restored to favour, only to be executed for treason in 1478 after, among other things, questioning the legitimacy of both Edward and his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville.

Edward became ill in 1483 and died a short while later. He is buried in St George's Chapel, Windsor.

Prior to his death he named his other brother, Richard, Protector to his eldest son and heir, Edward, a decision not popular with Elizabeth who feared Richard and his plans. How right she was!

So next month, young Edward V.

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I've really been enjoying these posts! Thanks!

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Oh how I enjoy this posts Rachel. Another fun one.


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Thanks for the lesson! Sounds like he was really determined to keep the throne. Looking forward to the drama next month with Richard!

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He looks good and would fit in perfectly with this quarantine and eating!

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Lovely finish, and great summary. I think I read the book on this one that came out in the last decade or so. It was interesting.

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That was an exciting era! But he does look like he enjoyed a good meal or two.

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I can only imagine how confusing all this king-not king-king again stuff must have been for the common flok living at the time and without the hindsight of history!