Friday, 30 April 2021

Smalls SAL - April 2021

Hello all!

It's the last Friday of the month so time for the Smalls SAL. Thank you, Mary, for continuing to host this fun little SAL. Pop over to Mary's Blog to see what other participants have been stitching in the way of Smalls this month.

Each month I stitch a small project specifically for this SAL which doesn't appear elsewhere on my blog.

Unfortunately I missed last month's check in (that's what you get when you schedule posts in advance and don't check your blog for weeks!) so I'll try to put the link up after this one.

For April I stitched the fourth of Durene Jones' cute dogs:

In The Bath by Durene Jones (freebie)
Stitch Count 40 wide by 33 high
Stitched on 16ct Golden over-dyed aida by
Started - 1st April 2021
Finished - 5th April 2021
Total stitching time - 8 hours 5 minutes

He's obviously not that happy about being dunked in a bath full of bubbles but I'm sure he'll feel happier once he's cleaner!

In this Smalls SAL I'm also re-showing other qualifying small projects I've stitched during the month. Again, it's just my monarch, James II:

See you next month for the final cute doggie!

Take care,
Rachel x


Shami Immanuel said...

Cute little projects.

Linda said...

What an adorable doggie Rachel.


Faith... said...

Very cute puppy!! I haven't met a dog yet that likes taking a bath!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Love these cute dog designs. None of our family dogs ever enjoyed a bath but we do have one that loves going into water.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a cute doggie. When we had a dog, she used to let me hose her down! Mind you, I was three and we lived in Singapore so she probably appreciated the cool shower!

Leonore Winterer said...

Such a cute dog! I hope he'll get some belly rubs and snacks when dry to make up for the ordeal of being bathed.

Katie said...

Too cute!!!