Saturday, 6 October 2018

People's Choice SAL - Halloween

Hi all!

Apart from the monthly Smalls SAL I haven't really wanted to commit to any other stitching SAL for a couple of years... until now. The temptation to join in Jo from Serendipitous Stitching's People's Choice SAL was far too great, so here I am! Thank you, Jo, for this wonderfully novel idea!

I probably won't be stitching anything new for this SAL (and doubt I will be joining in every month unless my shoehorn delves into the realms of fantasy) but thought it would be a good opportunity to re-photograph and re-blog some finishes, pull out some outstanding WIPs and delve into my stash pile to see what other projects urgently need to be added to my already lengthy 'absolutely have to stitch' list. Perhaps someone somewhere may see something they might like to stitch too.

The theme for October 2018 is Halloween, and considering I don't celebrate Halloween I've got quite a few pieces to show. It's all to do with the colours I think; the combination of greens, oranges and purples just appeal to me.

Finished pieces - a few framed pieces and a few ornies:

Lili Of The Valley - October Fairy
Stoney Creek - Haunted House Bell Pull
Waxing Moon Designs - Mini Midnight Manor

Lizzie Kate Boo Club - Halloween and Ghost
Magazine charts - Cauldron and Witches Hat

Stash - erm... more than I thought, actually, and too much for me to show without feeling totally guilty or embarrassed! So I've chosen my top three must-stitch charts (subject to change, of course!):

Artecy - Halloween Banners (starting with the red one)
JBW Designs - Scaredy Cats
Stoney Creek - Haunted House Welcome

Two out of the three are already in my 2019 stitching plans, the other planned for 2020.

Wish List - surprisingly, not many (I'm seriously trying not to look!)

Haunted Library by Mill Hill

And these two pieces by LuckyStarStitches on etsy

I have a couple of other Halloween-themed Mill Hill Beads and Buttons kits already but Haunted Library appeals to me since being a librarian is one of my many jobs!

Fabrics - seeing as I now make all of my small stitched pieces into ornaments, where would I be without my backing fabrics? I have a accumulated a fair few which have already been or are waiting to be used. I absolutely love the spooky eyes fabric - very Scooby Doo!

One of the purples (bottom centre?) will be used to finish off this piece which has been sitting in my Box Of Shame for nearly three years:

JBW Designs - French Country Witch

My original intention was to stitch something on the other half of this fabric to create a double sided ornie but, thanks to being aired again on this SAL, I think I'll just make this into an ornie of its own.

And now I find myself wanting to go and start lots of new Halloween projects! Perhaps joining in with this SAL was not such a good idea after all, especially if I get ideas from other people's stitching!

Next month, birthstones. I already feel a shoehorn coming on.

Ideas for January - something along the lines of winter/snow/cold?

Take care,
Rachel x


Unknown said...

Love all your Halloween. I saw your Stoney creek haunted house welcome on flosstube last week and sadly could not find it to buy myself. Stoney creek doesn't even have it when I looked. So can't wait to see you stitching it. Happy stitching!

Rachel said...

Thanks! I haven't found the pattern as a hard copy either but it is available as a download from :)

Linda said...

Love all of your awesome finishes Rachel. Really like the Artecy chartd.


Faith... said...

Rachel you know that I love your Haunted House Bell Pull! I keep eyeballing it and now you have shown me a lot more patterns I may need! Looking forward to seeing more of your Halloween stitching in the future!

Katie said...

I love Jo's new idea too. Finally got my post up today. I love the Lili of the Valley fairy and I'm so happy I got the booklet of them to stitch. Can't wait to add them to my ever growing pile of WIPs haha. I love the Artecy Halloween banners. I seen someone else stitch them and they are really beautiful. The two etsy pieces you posted are beautiful too!! Love all your Halloween fabrics. The witch will look perfect on the purple one you mentioned.

Ariadne said...

Haunted Library looks lovely!Hope you will stitch it soon. AriadnefromGreece!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am glad that you misposted your link this month because somehow I had missed this post!
I love the way you have got onboard with the theme, this is exactly what I envisaged - lots of older projects, stash, wishlists and enabling as well as current WIPs!
I love all the designs you've shown, especially the JBW with all the little cats.
I like your stash of spooky backing fabrics too.