Friday, 1 June 2018

May Progress on 2015/2016 Challenge Pieces

Hello there!

May has been and gone (I swear each month goes quicker than the last) so it's time for my monthly progress report on outstanding WIPs started back in 2015/2016. Remember that my aim is to finish one and work on two more each month.

I finished the adorable Spotted Owls (posted previously) and made progress on:

Sugar from the Little Black Cat collection by Heritage Crafts
started 16th February 2015; last worked on last month
stitched only the background (mind-numbingly easy but what a difference!)

Summer Alphabet by Lizzie Kate
started 12th January 2016; last worked on February 2016
continued alphabetically

If all goes well in June, Sugar will be finished, Summer Alphabet continued, and a WIP pulled out which I haven't worked on since the day I started it back in Febuary 2015.

Take care,
Rachel x

PS if you're wondering what's happened to Haunted House Bell Pull, I've had no free time to work on it in the last two months. :(  Fingers crossed that will change in June.


Katie said...

Great WIP progress. Hope you can find some extra time to love on Haunted House Bell Pull. I can hear it pouting.

Linda said...

Wonderful progress Rachel. I did finish Cheshire Cat on the 31st.


Faith... said...

Sugar looks sweet Rachel! I for one am looking forward to seeing your Halloween piece!!

Marie said...

Great progress. Little black cats are so cute.

Cathy said...

Nice progress! Love Sugar and look forward to seeing a finish next month!

Sarah said...

You made great progress in May.

The Crafty Princess said...

Ohhh I remember this little guy. The extra work on the background really makes a difference. Loving the Alphabet progress too Rachel, it looks really effective on your fabric choice. Good luck with finishing Sugar.
xo Alicia