Monday, 5 February 2018

4 Box of Shame Finishes - Halloween

Good morning!

In my continued attempt to decrease the contents of my Box of Shame, I have yet another four finishes. These are all Halloween pieces stitched in 2016 and are all finished off in my usual way.

For Ghost and Halloween from Lizzie Kate's Boo Club I found some lovely Ghost backing fabric on ebay in purple, orange and green (as yet I don't have anything to go on the green but I'm sure that will soon change!) Rather than matching barley twist cord I decided to use black to make them look a bit more Halloween-ish. Here they are before and after:

I also found some Spooky Eyes fabric from the same ebay seller in orange, yellow and green, although again do not have anything to go on the green yet. These Halloween charts are designed by Shannon Wasilieff  and from a Cross Stitch Crazy magazine:

I'm really pleased with how effective the backing fabrics are, although not so pleased with the actual finish of the hat as the corners are all wrong so I may redo it at some point..

I do apologise if you are bored of all of my ornaments being the same but it's a process and result I'm very comfortable with. I suspect it's almost become my trademark! Anyway, I'd rather they all be finished the same than sit neglected. Agree?

Take care,
Rachel x


Irene said...

sono bellissimi!!

Mary said...

I am always in the mood for Halloween and these finishes are wonderful and the matching fabric is perfect.

Preeti said...

Lovely finishes! You are doing a great job at changing the box of shame to box of fame:)

Faith... said...

You are a Box of Shame Finishing machine lately! I am super impressed and love how everything looks. Congrats on emptying the box more and more.

Linda said...

My ornaments are all the same. Unfinished in a box. Congrats on the cute finishes Rachel. Love the fabric.


Katie said...

Stop beating yourself up over how they are finished. They are beautiful and they are finished. Bottom line. If you have a finishing type you it. Congrats on getting 4 more out of the box and finished off. Wohoo!!

Keebles said...

Those finishes are amazing! I wish I could sew!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it!
Your finishes are great and really neat too.
I love that creepy eyes fabric and would use it for everything Hallowe'en if I was you.

The Crafty Princess said...

Bored??? Are you kidding? I love your ornies and I love Halloween. I'm looking forward to more of your progress on these. You are doing so well with getting through that box of shame. You're going to need a box of achievements!. You're matching of the stitch to fabric is perfect.
xo Alicia