Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Lots of Framing

Hello everybody,

Nothing new in the way of stitching to show today, just lots of framing I've been doing. This means I now have 8 less pieces in my Box of Shame. It's a start!

Here we go then.....

1) Winter Owl
I completed this piece towards the end of 2015 and am so pleased to have now framed him. Even though he looked good with brown and red mounts, I opted for just a simple black frame with non-reflective glazing and leaving the minimum of fabric showing. He's quite small measuring just 6.5" by 7".

2 and 3) Odd Dogs - Sleepy Book and Balloon
I absolutely adore these little pieces I finished in 2016 so treated them to some custom-made frames in Airforce Blue with non-reflective glazing. They were a little expensive but well worth it, especially as they allowed me to keep a lot of the cloudy background fabric showing. I love them to bits!

4 and 5) Ocean Critters - Seahorse and Dolphin
Because I wanted a lot of fabric around these projects I was able to fit the designs into standard 10" x 8" black frames costing just £2 each from Asda. Having normal glass, it was not easy to get a good photo but I think this is OK.

6 and 7) Cattitudes - Cantankerous and Contentious
I didn't want anything fussy for these cat designs, so these simple 7" x 7" black frames seemed purrfect! I ordered 6 from ezeframe.co.uk so that when I stitch more of this series I will already have matching frames. They have normal glass so, again, getting a good photo was a little problematic.

8) Mini Midnight Manor
This was framed in the same 7" x 7" frame as the cats above. Simple but very effective. Sometimes less is best.

So that's 8 projects fully completed. Now to do a bit of rearranging to fit them all on the wall!

More (slightly more interesting) framing coming soon - I'm on a roll!

Take care,
Rachel x


Linda said...

You did a beautiful job of framing your pieces Rachel. They all look great.


Keebles said...

Definitely a year of framing for us both!

Katie said...

Wohoo 8 out of the box of shame!! Great job! Love them all. They are perfect.

Faith... said...

Anything out of the Box of Shame is a plus and you have been quite busy Rachel! Everything looks great and I REALLY need to follow your lead and start framing stuff!

Preeti said...

They all look so lovely in frames, odd dog is my favourite! I will check if I can get non reflective glazing frames here.

HBF said...

Woowoo! That little owl is so cute but odd dog is runner-up in my book for sure :o)

Bea said...

Well done! That's 8 that don't have to be thought of again ad can be enjoyed. I especially love the cats (but then I am a self confessed crazy cat lady) and Midnight Manor.

Melinda Forbes said...

WOW. I love seeing all of your finishes in the frames. The little Winter Owl is just perfect. Here's to a stitchy 2017

Heather said...

Wow they're all gorgeous! Great choices!

Kerryp77 said...

fantastic start - Adsa is a great call for size the frames - I have a few standard size to frame so will pop in. The black works so well for midnight Manor

Kaisievic said...

Wow! You are on a great framing roll - each piece looks fantastic, can't wait to see some more.