Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A-Z Challenge April 2016

Hello one and all!

Last year you may have seen some bloggers taking part in the April A-Z Challenge. This year I am joining in and have already signed up as participant  number 653!

The idea is that every day in April, excluding Sundays, you post about that day's letter of the alphabet. So 1st April would be the letter A, 2nd April B, 4th April C and so on (3rd April is a Sunday so you get that day off).

I have had a simple alphabet pattern in my stash since about 1994 which I have always wanted to stitch so this seemed like a good opportunity. I shall accompany a picture of my stitching for the day with other things about the letter, but haven't yet decided on a theme. I would like to keep it stitchy related but don't want to copy ideas used by The Alphabet Club (i.e. finished projects, current WIPs, favourite designers etc.) so am open to suggestions if you have any ideas. If I can't come up with an interesting theme you might just end up reading little snippets of information about me - how egocentric would that be???!!!

If you would like to join this challenge click on the image on the right hand side of my blog. This will take you to the rules and sign-up pages.

You've still got ages to decide and register so I do hope some of you will take the plunge and join me in April.

In the meantime, I'm well on my way to another finish so should be back with another Happy Dance soon!

Take care,
Rachel x


Heather said...

Maybe a design you've wanted to stitch but haven't purchased yet? Or your favorite floss color that starts with that letter?

Justine said...

What a great way to stitch something you've had for so long! I love reading your thoughts about charts, WIPs etc and why you chose them, so I would like to see you write about that (even if it is similar to the Alphabet Club). But I'm sure whatever theme you choose it will be entertaining. And yay - only a few weeks to go until we have daily posts from you again!

Mii Stitch said...

I can't wait to see the chart you have chosen!
I will enjoy reading your posts because they will be cross stitch related :) Couldn't possibly give you an idea though, it seems they have all already be done.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing the link to this challenge -- I did read all about it. It sounds as if it will be great fun

Katie said...

Oh what fun it will be to follow along. I don't have anything with an alphabet on it and with all my lovely WIPs already I'm done starting new things (for a bit at least). I will enjoy whatever you decide I'm sure. Do a mix of everything. I would love to hear more about you personally.

Linda said...

Oh how exciting Rachel. I really do miss your daily posts and starts. Can't wait to see what your going to stitch. This is my second year doing it and I can't wait to get started.


Preeti said...

Good luck with the challenge!! :)
I partially disagree with stitchers when it comes to this challenge. It is good that stitchers show a WIP related to the letter or accompany a progress pic but sometimes it becomes repetitive unless some new thing is shown. A stitched piece which has been recently shared if shown again in next week because it matches the letter doesn't invoke the same feeling as last time. Sorry, for being frank.
On the other hand, if you ask for suggestion then considering that you are an experienced stitcher, may be you can tell more stitching tools, stitching related finished items, like I did not know what is a Biscornu until I saw for the first time on a blog. If you have time, then you can write the use and few lines about if any history related to it. You may have to spend time and I guess you are always busy. But if done only one per month, this will be easy for you. Sampler is a great idea and I definitely look forward to it but as an intermediate stitcher I am still not aware about tools and notions. You can also include stitches other than crosses if you can't find any tool related to the letter.

Preeti said...

Oops, those were so many words. I did not preview and just kept on writing, missed few words in between, hope you can understand:)

Brigitte said...

It will be great to see this challenge on different blogs again. And I'm looking forward to seeing your stitchy-related letters. Pretty has some great ideas, I think, and why not adopt ideas from the Alphabet Club? I'd love to see which designers you love best, or what WIPs you have for the respective letter.

Angela said...

It sounds like fun!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How about finding an A-Z photo prompt and using that for stitching? You know the kind of thing - something green, something wet, an old item. Instead of taking photos of the prompts show a piece of stitching which relates to the prompt. I am sure there must be an A-Z one somewhere on the Internet!

Tiffstitch said...

I was considering joining this one too, although I only planned on stitching WIPs that related to the letters. Maybe I can think of another topic to write on with the WIPs to make it more interesting. For you, what about locations around you that start with the letters? Or things to do in your area? Restaurants, etc?

Stitching Noni said...

I did this last year.... but have decided not to join in again this year. Trying to find the time to post every day was quite challenging last year and this year it would be almost impossible time wise (unless I was super organised and got them all pre-written and scheduled to post - and I am not that organised!!)
I do look forward to seeing what you come up with as your theme! Good luck :o)
Hugs xx