Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 End Of Year Summary

Hello all!

As we say goodbye to 2015 I thought I would look back and summarise my stitching for the year. This record is mostly for my benefit so some (most) of you will probably find this very, very boring.

Number of WIPs brought forward from 2014 - 11 (all large)
Plus number of new starts - 77 (59 challenge, 12 LK stamps, 4 gifts, 2 large)
Less number of finishes - 34 (17 challenge, 12 LK stamps, 4 gifts, 1 large)
Number of WIPs to carry forward into 2016 - 54 (42 challenge, 12 large (5 now suspended))

Hmm, I know that most of these WIPs carried forward are small(ish) pieces but I shall be adding between 44 and 49 to them in 2016 (31 challenge, 12 ornaments, 1 A-Z, 5 others) which could bring my potential number of WIPs up to 103! That figure doesn't scare me but I do realise my total WIPs could quite easily get out of hand (if you don't think it has already!!) so.....

..... I have already made an executive decision that if my number of WIPs (excluding large and suspended projects) by the end of 2016 is not less than 40 I shall not do the January Challenge in 2017. This means that roughly 50 of my starts/WIPs need to be finished next year - or one per week. Now that does scare me!!

As for stitching itself I totalled 810 hours with needle and thread in hand and amazingly stitched every single day throughout the year. Admittedly, some days were for only 5 minutes, but I am so pleased to have not missed a single day. It definitely kept my mojo and enthusiasm running smoothly.

Now here comes the really boring bit.....

Here are the lists of projects which make up the statistics at the top of the page:

1)  Mythical Dragon (True Colors) - NOW SUSPENDED
2)  Rainbow Angel (White willow Stitching) - NOW SUSPENDED
3)  QS Emerald Dragon (HAED) - NOW SUSPENDED
4)  SK The History Of Chocolate (HAED) - NOW SUSPENDED
5)  QS Fairy With Butterfly Mask (HAED) - NOW SUSPENDED
6)  QS Come Softly (HAED)
7)  Mini Bookworm Fairy (HAED)
8)  Mini The Owrd Lord (HAED)
9)  Mini One (HAED)
10)  Dolphin Ruins (Rabnann - ebay)
11)  OMG Tigger Is Out (UnconventionalX - etsy)

1)  January stamp - FINISHED
2)  Friends For Life
3)  Christmas Quacker - FINISHED
4)  Dragon of Air - FINISHED
5)  Feline Groovy
6)  Loves Me ... Love Me Not
7)  Daisy Hugs
8)  Dreaming Of Dolphins
9)  April Showers - FINISHED
10)  Book Worm
11)  Dragon Of Earth - FINISHED
12)  Carefree Summer
13)  Playful Puss 1 - FINISHED
14)  A Tatty Friend
15)  Friends Forever - FINISHED
16)  Dandelion Time
17)  Cookie and Cream - FINISHED
18)  Dragon Of Fire - FINISHED
19)  Flower Power
20)  All Aboard The Walnut Shells
21)  Christmas Wishes
22)  Daisy Umbrella
23)  Cuddly Feline Friends
24)  Choc-A-Holic
25)  Dragon Of Water - FINISHED
26)  I Love Butter
27)  Good Morning Nelson
28)  Winter Hugs
29)  Lickle Snooze
30)  A Windy Day
31)  Playful Puss 2 - FINISHED
32)  Little Green
33)  Spring
34)  Coffee
35)  Winter Owl - FINISHED
36)  Gryffindor Crest
37)  Pretty Little London
38)  February stamp - FINISHED
39)  Start Trek TOS
40)  Polar Bears - FINISHED
41)  Summer
42)  Cream
43)  Canal Crossing
44)  Hufflepuff Crest
45)  Puddle Duck - FINISHED
46)  Clue
47)  Red Foxes
48)  Autumn - FINISHED
49)  Sugar
50)  The Lock
51)  Ravenclaw Crest - FINISHED
52)  Pretty Little Paris
53)  Evil Minions
54)  Spotted Owls
55)  Winter
56)  Tea
57)  The Milk Train
58)  Slytherin Crest
59)  Waterlogged - FINISHED
60)  My Treasure - FINISHED
61)  Pandas
62)  March stamp - FINISHED
63)  April stamp - FINISHED
64)  May stamp - FINISHED
65)  June stamp - FINISHED
66)  July stamp - FINISHED
67)  August stamp - FINISHED
68)  September stamp - FINISHED
69)  Initial I ornament - FINISHED
70)  October stamp - FINISHED
71)  Initial J ornament - FINISHED
72)  Owls In Love - FINISHED
73)  Dragon Eye (Large Project)
74)  November stamp - FINISHED
75)  December stamp - FINISHED
76)  Wait until Dec 25th! (1) - FINISHED
77)  Wait until Dec 25th! (2) - FINISHED

Are you bored now?? Or did you just skip the lists?!!

Regarding Stitch From Stash, had it carried on I would have finished the year with deficit of about £33. Just thought I'd let you know.

And regarding my contribution to Tammy's A New Stitchy Start blog, well, I never really got out of the starting blocks. The saga of searching for the perfect fabric on which to stitch Scarlet Macaw Preening is still on-going.....

Thank you for allowing me to continue to bore you witless and for being there to keep me sane. I appreciate and value every visit and comment I receive. You are a wonderful bunch of stitchers and I am so pleased to have "met" you!

With pretend glass in hand, here's to the end of a fantastic stitching year and the start of another - cheers!

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x


sharine said...

Never bored seeing what other stitchers are up to. Cheers back to you :)

Heather said...

Lol you definitely have me beat! I have to look through my blog but I don't think I've had a single finish this year lol. I can't wait to see all of your pieces next year!

Justine said...

Cheers! You've had a good year - lots of new starts but many finishes. I'm just not looking at how many potential WIPs there are! I'm sure you'll have just as much success in 2016 as you've had this year.
Just in passing - the £33 overspend isn't due to a Fabric Flair obsession by any chance?!

Mii Stitch said...

Well you have had a very productive year, working on lovely projects! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and looking forward to another successful year :)

Annie said...

I've also enjoyed your blog this past year, watching you finish up those WIPs one after the other!
Looking forward to seeing all your new starts this year. I'll be cheering for you to get your 50 finishes so you can do the challenge in 2017.
I LOVE the fact that having 103 WIPs doesn't daunt you! You GO girl!!
Happy New Year:)

Sarah said...

You had a very busy year indeed. Congratulations on all the finishes. I have enjoyed watching every one of them come to life. Having that many WIPs scares are a brave little stitcher LOL.

Happy new year and good luck with all your new starts.

Katie said...

I love reading list about as much as I enjoy making them haha. Now you have to finish 50! I'll be cheering you along. You can definitely do it! Can't wait to see what you stitch. I bet as normal I'll love it.

Keebles said...

That is an absolutely amazing stitching year! Congrats and I can't wait to see how you get on next year!

Thoeria said...

That's me running screaming in fear and terror at your mountain of WIPS :D I am absolutely going to love watching you work on them next year! Granted - I will silently call you nutty but that's just because I'm in awe and totally envious that you are unintimidated by the numbers :)Happy New Years!!

Thoeria said...

Forgot to ask.....why have you suspended those ones?

Linda said...

Hi Rachel. I loved reading your summary. Congrats on all of the finishes. I'm so looking forward to seeing all of your January starts.

Happy New Year,

Leigh said...

Congrats on a wonderful year of progress! Happy New Year :)

Faith... said...

Loved reading about all your stitching. You have many finishes and lots of WIPs and new starts planned to keep you busy in 2016. Look forward to seeing how many you finish during the next year. Happy New Years to you and your family!

Esmeralda said...

Congrets on that huge amount finishes
Well done !
I dont know how you do it because i allready get insane by 6 wips ( lol )
I look forward to see you finishing even more in 2016
Happy new year from Holland

Preeti said...

You have finished lot of projects in 2015!! Wish you another productive year and complete as many and more projects in 2016 so that you are ready for any challenge in 2017:)