Saturday, 31 October 2015

October Progress on DSDUCJFC 2015 Pieces

Good afternoon everybody!

Thank you again for all of the lovely comments you have been leaving me. And welcome to the new followers I have recently gained. I hope you are enjoying my ramblings.

October was strange month for stitching on my Challenge pieces as making two little initial ornaments and starting two new projects during my Stitching Retreat ate into my usual stitching time. I didn't have any finishes but I did manage progress on:

"Wilfred" the Winter Owl from 3rd February
stitched his chest/tummy

Spotted Owls from 21st February
the first owl now has the beginnings of a companion
(don't you just love those eyes?!)

I'm not an owl person but all three pieces I have stitched on this month have been owls. Just a coincidence perhaps? Or is somebody trying to tell me something?

November might see a bit more progress on my Challenge pieces but that very much depends on how obsessed I remain with the monochrome Owls in Love.

As for next year's Crazy Challenge..... I may have recently increased my stash of charts but I'm sticking to my plan and definitely only joining in with the 31 new starts in January. In fact, most of my stitching for the whole year has been planned so no amount of hinting will get me to change my mind - sorry!!

I'll be back soon with an Owls In Love update.

Take care and if you celebrate it, Happy Halloween.
Rachel x


Thoeria said...

What fantastic progress Rachel! Your owls are gorgeous!! I can't decide on a them all (but as I've mentioned, I'm an owl nutter!)

Linda said...

Nice progress Rachel. Okay, you win - I give up. lol Wait until you see my post today!!


Justine said...

Gorgeous owls! I'm glad to see Spotted Owl is no longer alone, and Winter Owl no longer disembodied!
I think 31 starts is quite crazy enough. I've just read Linda's latest post and feel like I need a lie down!

Annie said...

Wonderful progress on your owls...all of them!
I agree that 31 starts in a month is just the right amount of crazy! I'll be cheering for you:)

Faith... said...

What wonderful owls! Spotted Owl looks great and I just love how cute Wilfred is with his little scarf. 31 starts is overwhelming to me but I will certainly enjoy seeing your new starts!!

sharine said...

The eyes are so expressive. Love them :)

Pull the other thread said...

Great progress on both pieces.

Mii Stitch said...

Wow Rachel!! You have been busy working on your sweet little owls!!
I love them all & am so glad you've listened to our advices ;)

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

I love, love, love owls! These are fantastic!!

Katie said...

I'm not an owl person either but your owls are adorable! Love the eyes on both pieces. They are begging to be stitched more. I will enjoy following along on your starts. I'm leaning more and more toward doing 31 too.

Anonymous said...

sooooo Cute!! very nice progress and really love the owls !!

Stitcher said...

Great stitching. I especially love the winter owl. Can't wait to see your 2016 starts. I am going to do the 15 day challenge. This is my first time joining a challenge and I'm pretty excited.

Tina said...

Oh the eyes!! Those eyes! They get me every time!! Your progress is great! I can't wait to see more :)