Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Stitch From Stash - August 2015

Hello all!

Let's go straight into my SFS report for August:

AUGUST BUDGET - $25 = £16.00 (at 01/08/2015 exchange rate)
EARNED - $0.00
SPENT - £6.50

* 2 needle minders to add to my growing collection - the TARDIS and a rather cute little owl
* lots of thread bobbins (excluded from budget)

Projects worked on: (post to follow on 31st August)
* gryffindor
* hufflepuff
* ravenclaw
* slytherin

Projects completed:
* none :(

It's been a very slow month for me on the stitching front mainly due to the children being around and our on-going computer issues.

Our new all-singing-all-dancing faster and VIRUS-FREE computer has finally been installed. Luckily most of our data was not stored on the same disc as the programs so remained safe even if extremely difficult to access thanks to the way hubby had set up the hard drives. Unluckily, however, I had not archived or backed-up our emails for two years so, as the computer's back-up was an affected file, I have started plodding through the 20,000+ emails stored on the server to retrieve the important and business-related ones! Good job I'm not bothered about lengthy mundane tasks, even if it has eaten into my stitching time.

As for catching up on blog reading and commenting, I'm not going to make any more empty promises. I have to admit that this is my major failing at the moment. Hopefully September will see me getting back into a normal routine once school starts. Having the children around over the summer holidays has, unsurprisingly, been responsible for focusing at least some of my attention elsewhere! But I love them to bits and honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I'll be back on the 31st to show you my progress for the month.

Rachel x


Linda said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress Rachel. Have you decided if your doing starts next February? If your not, Kate and I aren't going to either.


Brigitte said...

Computer problems are so aweful and when my last computer crashed some years ago I lost all my links and other things. Not very funny.
You were doing great on this month's SFS challenge.

Tina said...

Congrats on the SFS budget! Boo to the computer issues. Can't wait to start seeing all your progress pics! I certainly miss your posts!!

Kate said...

Great SFS report, Rachel! So happy you have a much healthier computer. I look forward to seeing your progress on HP :-)

Esmeralda said...

Welll done on your budget :)
How is it going with the mc caw?
I love that design hopefully you will pick that one up
Have a lovely evening

Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

Great work on the SFS budget!