Thursday, 20 November 2014

New Start - Dolphin Ruins by Rabnann

Good morning all!

With Autumnal Abstract finished (the frame is being delivered this morning) I am now free to work on something else which is - surprise surprise - Dolphin Ruins. I know I've got a lot of WIPs that desperately need attention but I just couldn't wait any longer to start this one:

Dolphin Ruins by Rabnann (ebay)
Stitched on 16ct Light Blue aida 2 over 1
Stitch count 223 wide by 288 high
Started - 16th November 2014
Stitching hours to date - 10

So far it's mostly black (310) and very dark blue (823) with a splash of lighter blues thrown in for variation (and sanity!)

Progress on this chart will be a bit slower than you have been witnessing lately - partly because I am having to use the old grey matter and count more and partly because it's a much bigger project. The blues are lovely to work with after the autumnal colours so I'll carry on until I feel like I need another colour-palette change.

Until next time,

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x

PS don't forget, you can still leave a comment indicating your interest in winning the Autumnal Abstract chart. I know it's not to everybody's taste, and I actually don't have that many followers, but there's only one entrant so far!!


Unknown said...

I love your new start and your Autumn finish! Your blog is fabulous.

Mii Stitch said...

Oh dear, I can't believe there is only one entrant for this lovely chart!! I love it!!!
Great start, on your new project :) Looking forward to seeing it progress.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel#
This new start looks great already x

Katie said...

I LOVE dolphins!!! I had to find the picture for this chart and it's going to be gorgeous. I look forward to watching your progress.

Caitlin D said...

I would love to stitch Autumnal Abstract, but I don't think I'd have a chance to start it any time soon. :-(
The new piece is looking great already!

Heather said...

Looks great! I saw the 10 hour and read it as the whole picture after 10 hours I was like "holy crap she finished?! That's the fastest stitcher ever!" Glad I get to see progress on this one!

Linda said...

Of course, I love your new start Rachel. You sure have made a lot of progress on it in 10 hours. I'm entering again for Autumnal Abstract. LOL


Rachel said...

Thank you Jan. I'll go and take a look at your now! :)

Rachel said...

Thank you Ingrid. :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Sally. I'm only doing the blocks of colours at the moment though - the confetti can wait! :)

Rachel said...

Thanks Katie. I've now put the finished design with the posting. I should have done that originally. :)

Rachel said...

Thank you for your honesty Caitlin. Why can't we stitch 24/7?! :)

Rachel said...

Er.... language Heather!!! If only I could stitch it in 10 hours! :)

Rachel said...

I've cheekily added your name to the list a second time, but you'll only get one entry I'm afraid! Wonder how many more times you'll enter before the end of November??? :)