Friday, 30 May 2014

Mini One - 20 hour update and Bar Covers

Hello dear things!

I'm back very quickly with another update. It's school half term, so a couple of late nights and - hey presto - this stint was quickly finished.

So, here's the update of the 10 and 20 hour pictures. It's pretty boring to look at as it's still only one colour but at least progress is obvious!

 After 10 hours

After 20 hours

I'm staying with Mini One to finish off this colour on the left, then start a second colour top right until my 30 hours is up, by which time I'll probably want a change of project anyway.

I'm still waiting for some threads before I make a start in Mini Space Traveler but am now fairly certain I will complete QS Hang in There before starting it. This way I can keep to 10 WIPs and achieve a finish this year. Sorry, Crafty Princess, but this time temptation has not got the better of me and I am going to remain true to my targets! Stitching wise, there isn't actually a lot left to do on Hang in There but I was getting bored with the colours and trying to discern the cat from the background. However, wanting to start Space Traveler has now given me the impetus to finish it, so it's all worked out for the best.

I've had some fabric lying in the cupboard for many months with the intention of making something specific. However, having not got round to it and with my daughter being a dab hand with her sewing machine she did it instead and this is what she made:

Not much to look at until you see this:

She made me some bar covers for my 27" (pictured) and 30" bars.

On the Millennium Frame my fabric is always rolled inwards so that any rubbing or touching around the bars is on the underside. But I was still cautious of the transfer of dirt or grease from skin or clothing so after seeing many Q-snap covers decided these were the best idea. I feel much more comfortable stitching now that these are on, knowing that my fabric is staying really clean. I just need Heather to make a couple more pairs for my other sizes of bars (for a fee, of course!) Perhaps she ought to start a production line!

The children are away cub/scout camping this weekend (yippee!) so I hope to be back with another update shortly. Until then,

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x


Miamina said...

Love the progress on Mini One, I do have the full size chart but end up buying the mini as well!

That Crafty Princess is always trying to enable everyone! I'm glad you were able to resist!

I'm sure you'll find the bar covers really useful, I love my QSnap ones but I do use them to tuck the fabric in and keep it out of my way!

Pull the other thread said...

More great progress. Well done on resisting the pull of the new start, that is always difficult. Love your covers they look great.