Sunday, 13 December 2015

Elemental Dragons - framed

Good morning,

Remember I purchased some frames last week? Well, here's the first frame being used for my four Elemental Dragons by Dragon Dreams Inc. available as free charts here. These were all stitched on 16ct Nebula from The Crafty Kitten as part of Debbie's Crazy January/February 2015 Challenge. I absolutely love these designs and can't believe I waited so long to frame them.

As a reminder, these are the four Dragons of Air, Water, Earth and Fire:

This is the frame I ordered:

Here they are individually mounted:

And this is how they all look together:

I used my usual internet framing service,, ordering a dark pink top mount, dark grey bottom mount and dark grey frame. The glazing should be anti-reflective acrylic but I received acrylic in error and therefore had a lot of problems taking decent photographs! With hindsight I should have allowed room for more of the lovely fabric to show instead of the mounts being so close to the stitching, but nevermind. Anyway, too much more fabric and the dragons would have looked lost.

I really wanted blue for the bottom mount but, as you can imagine, blue looked awful against the greeny-brown earth and orangey-red fire colours. I then thought about having four different colour bottom mounts to coordinate with each dragon but couldn't be bothered with the detailed measuring! So I finally opted for a dark grey mount as it is the only colour consistent across all four dragons.

What do you think? I'm really pleased with how it's all come together - which is much better in real life than the photograph. Now to hang it with my menagerie of other stitching.

I'll post about the other frames I bought over the next few days. One at a time is enough, especially when I waffle on so much!

Take care everyone,
Rachel x


  1. Wow, you did an excellent job framing these. I wouldn't know how to work with each one so it showed through the separate opening like that! Great Job! ~ Tricia

  2. Wow! They look fantastic! Great choices on framing.

  3. Wow great job! They look great together!

  4. They look amazing framed together like that! You've done a great job. I think the mounts complement the dragons beautifully. If you'd mounted them all in different colours it might have drawn attention from your gorgeous dragons!

  5. Your dragons look great in the frame.

  6. They look together great in one frame !!:)

  7. That's the perfect frame for them, and I think the fabrics show just the way they should. Great choice of colours.

  8. Wow! You have chosen well & carefully!!
    The frame and mounts complement your little dragons perfectly.
    They look fantastic.... I totally approve of your choice.

  9. I think it looks amazing! I've been debating using an online framing service, but have always been too chicken because I'm afraid I won't get the measurements right...well done!

  10. Oh I love them!!! I have such a hard time stretching my fabric right to frame my own pieces. You did crazy gorgeous work!!

  11. They look "cute" on their own...but framed to together like that.. WOW! Amazing job, Rachel! I love your color choices. As I have said in the past, you have such an eye for color coordinating!

  12. These are darling! I think the grey mat was a perfect choice. I just had a lovely stroll through your blog. Those owls are fantastic! Lovely work.

  13. These look great all together and the frame is perfect for them too. Did you stitch them on four separate pieces of the fabric and mount them individually?
    The fabric is awesome too!

  14. I love, love, love dragons! They go together so beautifully.


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