Friday, 23 October 2015

New Start - Owls In Love

Good morning again!

I'm back with a new start!

This design is called Owls In Love from FluffyFuzzyPatterns on etsy and is being stitched on absolutely gorgeous 16ct Sparkly Cloud Grey aida from (not that you can see the sparkles in the photo). I started this during my Stitching Retreat last weekend but thought I would save the post until I had reached the 10 hour mark:

After 10 hours

And in case you haven't seen this chart before, here's how Hedwig and Errol will look when completed:

There are only three greys in the design and I thought maybe stitching grey on grey would be boring. But it isn't. So I'm definitely staying with this one for the time being - my other WIPs (namely Winter Owl and Spotted Owls) will just have to wait. Hmmm bit of an owl theme going on at the moment!

Be back soon!
Rachel x


  1. What a cute project, great start on it as well. The fabric is gorgeous.

  2. Oh it's beautiful and that fabric is gorgeous! (My name is Justine and I'm a Fabric Flair addict....) You stitched a lot on this one in 10 hours. Don't forget that little spotted owl needs a mate though!

  3. Oh you've made fantastic progress already!! See, all that chatting really stopped us stitching at our normal pace HAHA
    You know I have now totally addicted to FFF... can't wait to stock up soon (yes, I did check & they will be present). Let me know if you want anything! HAHA What a silly question!
    Now, this is totally cute & adorable but like our friend Justine mentioned it, me think there is another little owl who is really really looking forward to meeting a friend HAHA

  4. Well you said I would comment and say Aww.....I'm really trying hard to think of something else....Ohh too cute. Guess that works but Aww really works for this one. Love the fabric (another thing I'm sure you knew I would say). It looks perfect on there. Can't wait to see the next update.

  5. It's beautiful. Love that fabric. I'm glad you will keep working on this one for a bit.

  6. Oh.My.Gosh! Look at those eyes! They're just beautiful! I would never of thought of doing this grey on have such an eye for color coordination!! Yours looks better than the model picture! The fabric is stunning! Great choice!!!!

  7. How cute! You got a lot in for ten hours!

  8. Love your new start Rachel.


  9. Your new start is gorgeous Rachel. So cute.

  10. Aww, Harry Potter owl names, love it! Great start.


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