Friday, 12 September 2014

Star Trek TNG - 5/7 completed

Hello again everyone!

Well, the title of the post says it all really, so here are the progress pictures:

 After 18.5 hours

Next up is Dr. Crusher to the bottom right of Data.

Both children are away this weekend with their Scout Troop so I may be able to squeeze in a bit more stitching time - although that depends on what hubby finds me to do! No rest for the wicked, eh?? ;)

Also, I'm sorry if you're finding these little updates a bit boring, but bear with me - there's only two more characters to go and then I've got something much more exciting planned!

Be back soon...

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x


  1. Can't wait what's coming next :)

  2. Great progress. Not finding it boring, enjoying seeing this one grow.

  3. Another great character Rachel.


  4. Fantastic!
    Happy weekend (:

  5. I think this project is just too cute :) I am a huge ST fan and can recognize all the characters! Awesome project!


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