Sunday, 20 May 2018

3 Box of Shame Finishes - Dolphin, Red Foxes, London

Hello all!

I have 3 framed pieces to show you today. All frames are courtesy of and all have my usual anti-reflective glazing.

First up, the fabulous Dreaming of Dolphins which I finished last May (was it really that long ago?!) After a lot of deliberation I opted for a plain 22mm Confetti Dark Blue frame with no mounts. I say a lot of deliberation because I really liked it with mounts, but because the fabric picks up different colours in different light (greens, blues, purples), and because I couldn't guarantee an exact match I decided to play it safe and opt for the frame only. I certainly didn't make the wrong choice:

Then we have the adorable Red Foxes, from the Young'uns collection by Gloria and Pat, finished last September. No mounts for this piece, just a simple 13mm mahogany frame. I just adore these little cuties and definitely need them on display.

Finally, Pretty Little London by Satsuma Street completed last October. I had a slight issue with this piece because I literally had only 15mm of spare fabric on the left and right - it was a case of ordering a piece of fabric onto which the project just about fit, or ordering a much bigger piece and having more waste. I'm afraid meanness won! I originally chose a dark grey frame to match the colour of the cloud but then thought that this was a fun design so needed a fun frame. So I opted for a 13mm Red Paint frame which clashes beautifully with the pinks in the fabric but definitely brings out the reds. Mounts were never going to be an option for such a colourful piece as this:

Most of the remaining pieces which need framing are parts of sets so I'm going to wait until I have completed all of the parts before framing them together. Hopefully that won't be too far away.

Take care,
Rachel x


Linda said...

They are all beautifully framed Rachel. You do such an amazing job at finishing them.


Faith... said...

Love how they look all framed up Rachel! The Dolphins are definitely my favorite. Congrats on getting some things out of that Box!

Cathy said...

I like the simplicity of the frames. They make the focus the stitching rather than the frames. Great choice of colors, too.

Katie said...

More perfect choices of course. Love them all. Congrats on 3 more marked off the to finish list.

rosey175 said...

YAY I love the dolphins framed! I agree that some pieces just don't need mats.

The Crafty Princess said...

They all look amazing. Excellent choice on your framing. The fabrics are so beautiful that a mount would have hidden it's beauty. Congrats on your lovely additions to your home.
xo Alicia