Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July Progress on 2015/2016 Challenge Pieces

Hello all!

Time for another month-end round up on the progress I've made on my Challenge WIPs. By now you know what I'm going to say about my plans and how successful I was!

I finished Cream (posted previously) and worked on:

Red Foxes from the Young-uns Collection by Gloria and Pat
started 14th February 2015; last stitched on June 2017
finished stitching the first fox and backstitched some of the fox, leaves and rocks

The Lock from the Silhouettes range by Heritage Crafts
started 17th February 2015; last stitched on June 2017
continued working my way down

Pretty Little London by Satsuma Street
started 5th February 2015; last worked on 26th May 2015
reached the bottom right and continued working left

Another satisfying stitching month for me there then.

I have now recommenced working on all of the Challenge WIPs I hope to finish this year so there will be no more to show over the coming months - only more progress and finishes.

In August... surprise surprise... I intend to finish one, The Lock, and continue making progress on three more. With it being the school summer holiday, and therefore not having to work for the whole of August, I hope to have a little more stitching time and be able to work on a few other projects too. Who knows what might sneakily slip into my plans?!

Take care,
Rachel x


Mary said...

The fox is so sweet and love the cheerful London scene. Just because a new follower. Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

Bekah said...

Congratulations on all your progress, I love the diversity in the colours of each piece. Good luck with your finish.

Linda said...

Awesome progress on all Rachel. I need to start working on my Young'uns.


Katie said...

I just love the fox. So sweet. Beautiful progress on your other projects too. Great month of stitching. Good luck with your August plans.

Tiffstitch said...

Beautiful progress on everything and I'll be you have more than one finish this month. It seems like Foxes will be hard to put down as well. :) Good luck!

Faith... said...

Great July update Rachel! Pretty Little London is so pretty!!

Looking forward to seeing more progress and finishes.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This challenge is working really well for you. You have a nice mixture of styles this month too. Love the cute fox, the classic silhouette and the colourful London. I stitched that one and it took much longer than I expected!