Friday, 8 January 2016

DUCJC 2016 - Day 7 - Autumn Alphabet

Good morning!

For day 7 the children chose a Lizzie Kate design which, as I mentioned yesterday, I would not even have glanced at a couple of years ago. But my tastes have changed and I now love it!

Here's my handiwork so far:

Lizzie Kate Autumn Alphabet
Stitched on 16ct Cloud Brown over-dyed aida by 2 over 1
Stitch count 111 wide by 159 high
Estimated stitching time 59 hours
Stitching time to date - 3 hours 40 minutes

Tomorrow will be a piece which another participant in CJC started a couple of days ago.

Until then,
Rachel x

PS I have two regular commenters (L and A) and one new commenter (M) whose comments do not come through as emails. I tend to reply to most of my emails so if you do not receive thank-yous it is because I either do not get your emails or because you are a no-reply blogger. But please rest assured that I do read every comment and thank you for taking time to read and comment on my blog.


Annie said...

Another great start!
For some reason my replies don't come through to a lot of bloggers as emails, and I'm not tech savvy enough to figure out why, or fix it. I never take it personally when I don't get a thank you fact, with all the comments you get it must cut into your stitching time replying to them all;) Thanks for the acknowledgement!!

Mii Stitch said...

Yay!! You have started one of those LK!! I love them and am really tempted to stitch them myself one day. Great new start & the fabric is just perfect for the autumn colours.

Katie said...

Oh great new start. Love the fabric.
It's so weird that's happening to Linda too. She comments and no one gets the email. I never remember to look and see if someone has commented without an email. I feel like I'm leaving them out too.

Justine said...

A slightly bigger new start for you today but a gorgeous one! You're off to a good start with this one and the Cloud Brown is perfect.

Faith... said...

Love LK designs and you are off to a great start.
Someone once told me it is something about their email address being with yahoo so google doesn't let them thru; don't know if that is true or not but it seems like they most are yahoo addresses.

Rahenna said...

I love these designs! I was never a LK fan but some of their designs really stand out to me and this alphabet series is one of them. Great work for one day!

Brigitte said...

That happens to me as well that a designer or certain designs grow on me with the years - and vice versa. Yes, our tastes sometimes change. When I started stitching I didn't like alphabets and all sorts of samplers. But now I love them. This alphabet looks great, a lovely Crazy project.

Linda said...

Wonderful progress for the first day Rachel. I love this series and have finished 2 of them and have the other 2 started. Nobody gets an email from me and no one knows why or can fix it.


craftingpaws said...

What a great start, Rachel! I have really started to like Lizzie Kate designs and am definitely going to have to pick up a few.

Preeti said...

Great progress on this one!!

Miamina said...

Lovely start, great fabric choice as well <3

Emma/Itzy said...

I really love all of these - perhaps one day I will stitch one too!

imke steevens said...

I get your emails always. Love all of your design and your challenge is awesome... so cute!! Thanks for sharing.

Tiffstitch said...

It is funny how our tastes change. I have a few things that I purchased previously that I would never stitch now and have passed on several of them. Great start on this one!