Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Progress on DSDUCJFC 2015 Pieces

Good morning everybody!

Although I'm posting my Challenge finishes as they happen, I thought I would also do an end-of-month posting about progress made on other Challenge pieces just to show (1) what I am working on and (2) that they are not being neglected.

So on top of finishing 6 Challenge pieces in March I also made the following progress:

Daisy Hugs from 6th January
continued down and backstitched the petals
and the mouse on the right has a tail!

Dreaming of Dolphins from 7th January
finished the first dolphin
absolutely adore this piece!

 Lickle Ted April Showers from 8th January
finished the umbrella hood

Cookie and Cream from 16th January
stitched some of Cream and backstitched the window
can't say I've ever seen a cat quite that yellow!

Lickle Ted Flower Power from 18th January
finished the flower (mostly) and started Lickle Ted's head

Winter Owl from 3rd February
finished the owl's head as far down as his scarf

My Treasure from 27th February
finished stitching the dragon

My original plan for the Challenge pieces was to work on one at a time until completed. This sort of worked for the first few as they were small and I was desperate to finish them.

Then I changed my plan to work on one focus piece but stitch on others as my mood took me. That way I would definitely be heading towards one finish whilst working on others.

But now I've decided to just stitch what I want when I want! If that means continuing with a piece until it's finished that's fine. If it means stitching for a bit then moving on that's fine too. I want to enjoy stitching these pieces, not feel bogged down or in a rush to complete them.

With so many Challenge pieces to choose from, goodness knows which ones will make an appearance in April. Will they be the same ones? Will they be different? Or will there be a mixture of both? Watch this space to find out!

Love and hugs
Rachel x


Annie said...

Wonderful progress, and the dolphin certainly looks stunning! I also switch projects when I feel like it; I'm such a moody person and that goes for my stitching mojo too:) I could never stick to any kind of stitching schedule without feeling frustrated and bored...haha!


Justine said...

Great progress and what a difference the backstitching makes!
I was going to do the same as you and finish one at a time but I'm starting to crave different projects so I'm probably going to swap around like you're doing.

Irene said...

wow quanti progressi!

Preeti said...

Great progress on your stitching !! My stitching schedule keeps changing, sometimes I stitch on one particular project only, sometimes many. Usually, I stick to one project when I have busy time, then I don't have to spend what little time I have into searching what-to-stitch.

Annie said...

Wonderful progress on all your great pieces!
I agree with your method of's supposed to be fun so work on whatever pleases you at the moment.

Pull the other thread said...

Fantastic progress on your pieces.

Kate said...

Wow, you've been busy! I love all your progress. I started out the same way, intending to focus on a couple until finish, but now I just stitch what I want when I want. It's more enjoyable that way to me; I'll finish them when I finish them.

Mii Stitch said...

Wow! Great progress on all of them.
Best to stitch what you want when you want!!!

Linda said...

Congrats on the great progress on all of these pieces Rachel.


Tina said...

WOW! That dolphin looks like it's going to jump right off the fabric! It looks so 3Dish... love that!
Isn't it nice to take the pressure of yourself and just stitch whatever when the mood strikes!? I had to do that with my TT pieces. I felt too much pressure (and I think I misunderstood the "rules" a bit). But now...happily stitching along on whatever project that calls to me. Just remember you're doing it for your happiness! Oh and btw, the backstitching on the lickle Ted flower power looks amazing! Great job on all your progress!

Katie said...

Love all of them! That's exactly how I work on my stuff. Here and There. Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you pick and work on. Have fun!!

Brigitte said...

You definitely have made a lot of progress on these pieces. And you definitely have a lot to choose from. Once they are started you can pull out whatever calls for you the loudest and stitch on it until another one starts calling, lol. Stitching should be stress-free and fun-filled ... Looking forward to seeing what you pull out next.

Faith... said...

You made LOTS of great progress - congratulations!

Justine said...

What a great idea Preeti!

The Crafty Princess said...

That's a good plan! I can spend hours trying to work out schedules and rotations and still just end up stitching what I feel like. I'm the kind of person that "have to" doesn't work very well with me LOL! It will all get done eventually so just enjoy the one you're working on at a time.

You're going really well on all of them, I especially love the way Winter Owl is unfolding. It's like he's peeking out at you. :D
xo Alicia

Miamina said...

You're doing great with stitching up the challenge pieces! Well done :)

Deb said...

Well done! They all are lovely! Congrats on your finish