Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 End Of Year Summary

Hello all!

I thought I would take a look back at 2014 and summarize my stitchy (and some of my non-stitchy) year:

It's one of the best things I have done in my life! I love watching all of your projects grow, sharing mine with you, and conversing with new virtual friends. It has also opened my eyes to projects I would never have previously considered and introduced me to websites which have taken far too much of my money - ooops!

WIPs NOT TOUCHED (bad girl)
1)  QS Emerald Dragon

WIPs WORKED ON (a bit)
1)  SK The History of Chocolate (3 hours)
2)  QS Come Softly (20 hours)
3)  Mini Bookworm Fairy (18 hours)
4)  Mini The Owrd Lord (12 hours)
5)  QS Fairy with Butterly Mask (20 hours)

WIPs FINISHED (woo-hoo!)
1)  Hang In There (35 hours)
2)  Autumnal Abstract (125 hours)

1)  Big Eyes Kitty (51 hours)
2)  A Taste of Tuscany (85 hours)
3)  Star Trek TNG (25 hours)

NEW PROJECTS STARTED (naughty girl!)
1)  Mini One (30 hours)
2)  Scarlet Macaw Preening version 1 (20 hours but now discarded and to be restarted in 2015)
3)  Dolphin Ruins (40 hours)
4)  OMG Tigger is Out (the magical 10 hour mark hasn't been reached so no post yet)

In NON-STITCHING NEWS, 2014 was a fairly uneventful year except that.....

Hubby finally got promoted after being previously twice refused.

Daughter Heather became a member a MENSA back in May with the maximum score of 162! Not bad for a 12 year old! And she became a teenager in October! Help! Where does the time go?

Son Toby took part in a few chess tournaments. He's good enough to play for the county but doesn't want the commitment, so just does the occasional competition for fun.

Both children continue to enjoy Scouts. We have a brilliant local troop who are always out and about doing various camps, activities and competitions. They are an Air Scout Troop but are also looking to affiliate themselves with the Army as one of their leaders is an Army Officer. As parents we certainly could not have given them the experiences they have had including climbing, caving, shooting, paragliding, canal boating and taking apart a car engine(!) to name just a few! Me? Jealous? Nah!!!

And as for me, I've just plodded along being a stay-at-home mum and sandwich carer. I think without my cross stitch and blog friends I would have gone mad!

So, thank you for being there and for keeping me sane!!!!!

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x


Jan Gartlan said...

What a fab year for you. Great to see the record of your stitching over the year!

Justine said...

Is it only this year you started your blog? Feels like you've been around forever! (In a good way) What a lot you've achieved in 2014, can't wait to follow your progress next year.

Pull the other thread said...

Great stitchy progress this year. Delighted you decided to join us here in Blogland. Sounds like your household had a very successful year.

Katie said...

What a great year and I look forward to getting to know you more in 2015!

Mii Stitch said...

Keep blogging sweetie!!! Always enjoy stopping and reading your posts :) I think I made a new friend here :) Huge congratulations to your daughter, she is one clever girl for sure!!! Xoxox

Linda said...

You have had a fantastic year Rachel. I'm so glad you started your blog. I really enjoy reading it.


PS I was just wondering if you have had a chance to send those charts yet.

Unknown said...

Oh lots of stitching you did in 2014. Happy new year

Braenn said...

Keep blogging and keep stitching! I enjoy your posts as much as your works :)

Miamina said...

Well done on a great year both stitching and in your personal life!