Thursday, 22 March 2018

1 Box of Shame Finish - Birds With Umbrella

Morning all!

The pace at which I'm finishing off my Box of Shame pieces has substantially decreased now that the little pieces are out of the way but I did finish one last week - Birds With Umbrella, a silly and simple free pattern from I knew this piece was not important enough to warrant framing so - surprise surprise - have made another little cushion with perfectly-matching backing fabric. No hanging loop this time though. The colours in the first picture are not as accurate as those in the other two.

So that's another one down but still loads more to go! Time to do some framing now perhaps...

Take care,
Rachel x


  1. Turned out perfect indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are adorable Rachel. You do such a great job with your finishing.


  3. It is looking very cute:) Good that you have decreased the pile of unfinished projects.

  4. Love it Rachel! Looks like it could be perfect for Valentines or April Showers (if you guys have rainy Aprils?)! Your finishing always looks so perfect and neat.


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