Thursday, 28 January 2016

Smalls SAL - January 2016

Good evening everybody!

This year I am participating in the Smalls SAL run by Heather from Stitching Lotus. If you're popping over from there to me for the first time, hello! If you're one of my regular followers, then hello to you too!

Each month I plan to stitch (and finish-finish) a small Christmas Ornament specifically for this SAL so that, come December, I'll have lots of Christmas goodies with which to decorate a tree. Of course, if I finish any other small pieces I might post about them too!

My choice for January was "Nice List" by Lizzie Kate.

I made a hanging ornament using wadding, Christmas fabric, Christmas ribbon and cording which I whip-stitched over the seams. I have little imagination when it comes to making ornaments so don't be surprised if all 12 are finished the same!! Annoyingly I didn't take a photo of the finished piece before sewing it all together so all you get to see is this at the front...

... and this at the back:

I'm On The Nice List
Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings XV
Stitched on 16ct Cloud Brown over-dyed aida from 2 over 1
Stitch Count 49 wide by 49 high
Started - 7th January 2016
Finished - 17th January 2016
Total stitching time - 7 hours 15 minutes
Plus three evenings to finish off

I'm certainly not 100% happy with it as the top corners poke a bit, the wadding is thin at the top and I don't like the way the cord has frayed and is hanging. BUT I know you're all going to be polite and tell me it looks fine and that I am being fussy, so I'll shut up about it!

I'm already looking forward to stitching February's ornament and hopefully making a better job of the finishing!

Rachel x


  1. Yes you're definitely on the nice list! And also being too hard on yourself - this is stitched and finished beautifully. I love how you tied the cording to one side at the bottom. It all looks perfect to me!

  2. Hello!! It's so lovely your finished!

  3. Beautiful stitching and finish!!!

  4. This is so cute! I have never actually finished any of my stitching as ornaments. I'd love to give it a try but something keeps scaring me away from it.

  5. Great work! And good for you on finish-finishing it. I never get around to that part of my Smalls stitching, and I have so many pieces waiting to be finished. :/

  6. It looks horrible! Ugh! ;). Lol I love it I really like the finish around the edges. It's a new design for me too

  7. Congrats on the adorable finish Rachel. You did a great job with the finishing.


  8. Beautiful finish, Rachael!! :) When you hang it on the tree, no one will notice those small things. They will only notice that you are on the nice list :)

  9. Gorgeous finish. You are sure to have a very well dressed tree this year:)

  10. Your tree will look great when December come!
    You are being too hard on yourself and be proud of your work, it looks perfect!

  11. Your ornament is lovely - and I'm looking forward to seeing more as the year passes (I do like Christmas stitching!).

  12. This is a wonderful finish. The fabric for the back is perfect. You will have a beautiful tree come December

  13. Oh I love it! Great on the finished finish!! We are our own worst critics so I totally understand your feeling but looking at the comments everyone thinks it looks great. I agree with them.

  14. It's a great finish! And you certainly are on the nice list!!!!!!

  15. I stitched a L*K Tiny Tiding too. Nice work!

  16. That's a sweet little finish and yes, we all tell you that your finishing looks great :)

  17. Hi Rachel, it's so beautiful finish! Happy stitching!

  18. Oh yeah, you've made a right pig's ear of the finishing LOL. Honestly it looks fine! We are always our own worst critics.

  19. Wonderful finish the coordinating fabric is perfect.



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